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Rick87 Comments
I was half expecting Cersei to have Quyburn bring Tommon back to life as he did with the Mountain and Tommon become an evil king.
Can't say it's been a slow start to this one...
Is the vote of no confidence voted for by shadow cabinet ministers or Labour party members? If it's the latter I doubt he has anything to worry about given the volume of supporters who signed up to make him leader. I'm sure some of them will have become disillusioned since but he surely would have more than enough to coast through that vote.

If it's by ministers however he is fucked by the looks of things.
Messi has retired from international football.

Seems a strange decision when your the best player on the planet to quit at just 29. I realise he's lost four major finals with Argentina but the fact is they keep reaching finals and I wouldn't have betted against them getting getting to another, possibly successful final before he hits the downslope.

Possibly something has gone in behind the scenes and he will come out retirement before Russia 2018.
Apparently a million people have signed a petition asking for a second referendum.

Link is here if anybody wants to sign it. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215
Farage remarking that they had won the campaign without a bullet being fired. Evidently forgetting about remain campaigner Jo Cox being murdered over it just last week...

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If I could afford it I would seriously move my family to elsewhere in Europe now. Germany or Scandinavia would be preferable.

Anyone fancy lending me a few bob?
Will laugh so much if this guy is the new PM.

I kind of hope Trump wins just so we don't look like the biggest idiots.

Stood next to each other they will look like tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum from Alice in Wonderland
Thank you mate.
Has anybody done Edinbrugh City now they have been promoted to league two?

Dan Hannan has also come out and said leaving wont change immigration, only taken a few hours and the two major campaign points have gone up in smoke.

Which anybody with half a brain knew anyway.
Never thought I would say it but I hope dodgy Dave doesn't resign, the thought of that sack of shit Johnson leading this country makes my skin crawl.
Farage already backtracking on the £350m a week he promised we would save and give to the NHS.

Lie #1 unravels just hours after the vote.
Time to begin battening down the hatches for the oncoming Tory shitstorm.
Anybody else not that bothered if Tyrion was to die now? He used to be my favourite character but I've lost all interest in him since he fled to Essos and began counciling Danyrys (or however the fuck you spell it)

Arsne must have chatted shit to him.
I have a cracking save going on, it's actually my one and only save that I've started since I got the game last Christmas and it's with my team, Grimsby. I normally totally fail when I manage Town, normally find I'm too loyal to the players I like in real life and it all goes tits up. However...

I'm now in my tenth year as GTFC boss and in that time we've been:

- promoted from the Conference
- lost in a league 2 playoff final
- promoted from league 2
- relegated from league 1
- promoted from league 2 (again)
- promoted from league 1
- avoided relegation from the Championship (finished a comfortable 16th)

I'm now about to start my second season in the Championship, with the board expecting mid-table. I'm hoping for a playoff push but it will be a big ask, there's some big teams with a lot of money in the league and my budget is still very limited.

Nice going, do your still have any of your original squad? I've always found it rewarding to try and keep at least a few members that have been with me from the start.
If it were up to me I would never of give a vote to the common idiots. What does Sharon from the post office or Bert the postman know about global economics? The vote should have been from economists, business leaders, politicians and those among the sciences who might actually have am understanding of how leaving might affect us in the months, years and indeed decades to come. rather than from the public who from my own interactions appear to favour leaving simply because 'there's too many Paki's ova' ere' takin my ard' earned dole money and all the jobs I never applied for'.
Lots of Vote Leave signs down here in Cornwall, and in Lincolnshire (my home). Having said that, my Facebook is full of remain posts, which maybe tells you something. If young people turn out for the vote, it'll be a win for remain. Having said that, I understand some of the reasons for wanting to leave.

I think remain will take most of the big cities, with leaves votes being mostly rural. I've seen loads of leave signs on farms around here, fuck knows why as farmers receive generous EU subsidies
I can't seem to find it now, but earlier I saw a ridiculous meme/story about an old man who reduces a waitress to tears by telling her how wonderful Britain used to be before joining the EU.
I know after being relegated your not supposed to be excited for the coming season but I'm actually finding it quite refreshing seeing the fixture list and all these teams we don't usually play, maybe be able to get some away days in at grounds I've not visited before.

Also there are lots of local derbies which should be fun. Derby, Forest and Burton are all closer to me than Villa Park is so convenience is also a bonus!
I will be voting remain, and I am quietly confident of victory. The leave campaign supporters I know been banging their chests with patriotic Bisto nostalgia of how greatBritain used to be (when Europe was divided by war, unemployment was rife and there were hardly any rights for workers) and I have not heard one of themy come up with any sort of action plan for the future if we do leave.

Stoked for the season finale now, if only to see what sort of deal Sansa had to make with Littlefinger to get his help. Probly has to marry him and make him the regent lord of Winterfell.
Got to have a rant here. Is there anything worse than the people who never really watch football suddenly talking like they know everything as soon as a international tournament starts, was in the pub earlier and my brother was talking utter bollocks most of the night about the England game (which he didn't watch)

My wife , who knows Joe Hart and Adam Lallana as the guys from the head and shoulders and Nivia for men adverts respectively.

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It was like a game of FM, chance after chance for the dominant team then the other fuckers get something from nothing in stoppage time.

My brother lives in Moscow, he was advised to avoid going out tonight apparently.
For fucks sake.


Is it just me who's feeling distinctly underwhelmed by the prospect of this tournament?
I consider myself a patriotic citizen of Liechtenstein as I zoomed in on it on Google Earth.
I'm hoping for Burton away, Burton is only 15 minutes from where I live so it's closer than home games.
He'll regret it when Leicester have a fairy tale campaign in the Champions League and Arsenal go out in the second round.
And this has what to do with FM?