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Rick87 Comments
Staying overnight in Ely ahead of my mums graduation ceremony at the cathedral tomorrow. We went into a pub overlooking the new Bedford river and had to wait almost an hour for food, when we asked why we was told the place isn't normally this busy...there was literally ten people in whole place.
Vary doesn't strike me as a very Arsenal-y player. Mahrez on the other hand...
As I said earlier in this thread, I'd be happy enough with mid-table this season whilst we rebuild the squad under RDM and hopefully kick on in 2017/18. The current squad has a few decent players such as Ayew, Adama and Grealish who could tear up most Championship defences if given the freedom to do so (and if they stay of course), it's the defence and central midfield that needs a complete revamp.

After six months of coaching the Aurora youth team I was given the reigns of the first team following Jorge Habberger's decision to return to his native Argentina. My task will be to get Aurora promoted back to the top flight and build a side capable of returning the club to the levels we were at in 2008 when we won the title.

My Career Aims

Short Term:
*Get Aurora promoted back to Liga Nacional A.

Mid Term:
*Qualify for Copa Libertadores
* Win Liga Nacional

Long Term:
*Manage Bolivian National side
*Manage abroad
*Win Copa Libertadores

My Career History
http://akacdn.transfermarkt.de/images/wappen/verysmall/12621.png?lm=1457444188 Club Aurora - May 2015 to Present

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My name is Juan Carlos Cardoso, I was born to crop farming parents in the small village of Torotoro in the Charcas province of central Bolivia. The mountainous terrain and weather conditions meant that our village was only accessible during the summer months and in milder spring and autumn seasons as the torrential rain from the Amazon in the north all but washes away the gravel roads that serve our community. before winter came each year I was sent off to live with my grandparents in the city of Cochabamba, approximately eighty miles to the north of my parents farm so I could continue my education. I was never particularly interested in school, my learning was severely disrupted by the fact I missed much of the year working back home in Torotoro, but I absorbed enough to read and write coherently when required to do so, but I did learn one thing in Cochambamba, something that I learned to love and absorbed every facet of information I could learn on the matter, Football.
Torotoro, Bolivia

My first exposure to the sport came when my good friend Fernando, who was already a huge football fan, was given money as a birthday gift to attend the local derby between CD Jorge Wilstermann and Club Aurora, Fernando asked me to go with him which I agreed to do as I had nothing better to do that day, but as soon as we arrived at the stadium, the Estadio Felix Capriles which the two clubs share, I was sucked in, the noise was incredible, 32,000 people singing, shouting and clapping, united in their love for the game and hatred for the opposition. Fernando was an Aurora fan so we stood with their contingent, all attired in the clubs sky blue livery, the feeling of belonging was palpable and I couldn't get enough of it. Fernando explained the rules of the game as the match progressed and I became more and more enthralled in the antics both in the stands and down on the pitch, the game finished in a 3-2 victory for Aurora with no fewer than three red cards for aggressive challenges and on field brawling. As Fernando and I left the stands I declared there and then I wanted to be a professional footballer such as those who I had just witnessed electrify an entire city by merely kicking a ball around.
Estadio Felix Capriles

Fernando and I returned next week as Aurora took on Club Bolivar, Bolivia's most successful team and defending champions, this time we made an effort to get to the front of the stand behind the substitutes benches, this was done for a very specific purpose, to get close to the Aurora coach Hector Salvador. Midway through the first half we got our opportunity, Salvador who enjoyed baiting the crowd, left his bench, which in those days was just that, a bench with no covering, came and lent on the fencing right in front of us, pounding his fist against the mesh to raise the noise level further, Fernando and I seized our chance, 'Mr Salvador?' to my amazement he turned round to look at us, I had expected him to ignore us and walk back to his bench leaving us mere mortals behind, however he turned smiled, I remember vividly the twinkle in his eyes which seemed much younger than the rested of his wizened face. Whilst he said nothing his eyes seemed to say I'm listening. 'We want to be footballers for you, we're both good and we'll work harder than anybody you've ever seen.' As a man with over thirty years of coaching experience, plus a successful playing career before that Hector Salvador must have heard that pitch, or ones just like it hundreds if not thousands of times in his life, however something in the way we had said it had sent him into deep thought, debating within himself, Fernando and I stood there in excruciating silence waiting for what seemed a life time but what must in reality have been only a few mere seconds. Finally he spoke, 'Youth training his here tomorrow night at seven, Don't be late.' With those words he turned and walked back to his team on the bench leaving us in a state of shock, it hardly mattered that Aurora lost 3-0, all we were thinking about was tomorrow evening.
Fernando and I had spent hours kicking his old, half inflated ball around after the Joge Wilstermann game and I discovered I wasn't a bad goalkeeper, at fifteen I had all the attributes required to be be a decent keeper, I was quite tall for my age as well as possessing good agility and a vein of bravery which came from my farming days, if I could risk being trampled by a heard of cows at eight years old it was no problem for me to risk diving down at an onrushing forwards feet at fifteen. But even so I was acutely aware that I was heading to a professional football trial with less than a fortnight of practice under my belt and never once having played within an actual team.
We arrived at the Estadio Felix Capriles two hours early but to our amazement Hector was already there 'Your later than I expected' he said despite nobody else being present yet. He seemed to scan over our every facial expression with those twinkling eyes daring us to answer him back, of course we did not as we were rooted to the spot in fear, franticly trying to think of something to say. Finally he got started and put me in goal whilst he watched Fernando take shots at me, it was the first time we had played using a full sized net, but my nerves seemed to make me quicker, I made a string of instinctual saves, I just watched the ball and my body did the rest automatically. Fernando, who fancied himself a striker on a par with Diego Maradona, visibly became frustrated and angry at me for not allowing him to prove himself to Hector, he began blazing the ball high and wide as his shots became more wild. Hector soon called an end to the affair, dismissing Fernando as a time waster. As my friend stalked off I felt a great inner turmoil, I had clearly impressed Hector but at the same time I couldn't help feeling bad for not letting in one or two for Fernando. Hector had me stay and help him set up his training session as the other players started arriving, he had clearly taken a liking to me and later confided that the reason he invited me along was because I had said I was willing to work harder than anyone else when we had our first encounter through that mesh fence.
For two years I turned out for the Aurora under-eighteens, towards the end of that time Hector stepped down as first team coach, his health was in decline and decided call time on his professional career, however he could never leave football behind and offered to coach the youth team instead. I had made a name for myself as a bit of a teachers pet, Hector would often talk to me about my role as goalkeeper and my duty to organise the defence in front of me, this would involve immersive tactical discussions which is not something a manager would normally discuss in any great detail with a seventeen year old. It was also about this time that Hector began to take notice of how much my footwork and passing had come along since I first started out, he had me taking direct free-kicks, much to the annoyance of some of my team mates, eventually Hector decided to try me outfield, for a game against Union Central he put me in central midfield, a strange experience but one I excelled in as I broke up a dozen UC attacks as well as hardly misplacing a ball throughout the game, I even set up what proved to be the winning goal. I was never to don the keepers gloves again.
My first team chance came just two months after the transition to midfield, an injury to Alejandro Rezzaro forced manager Edison Hernandez to ask Hector for a recommendation from the youth ranks.
My first game was against Universitario, Hector came to me before the game and told me just to stay calm and keep playing the simple game I had been for the under-eighteens and I would be fine. I stuck to his advice and earned man of the match, the reaction from the crowd was incredible as my hard hitting tackles went down a treat among the supporters, That game was the first of over 350 for Aurora over the course of eight years with the club where I went on to be named captain, made fourteen appearances for my country and got to lift the league championship in 2008. After that I accepted an offer from Rosario Central in Argentina which I accepted but quickly came to rue as I dropped off the international picture whilst the club struggled and was relegated the following year, I stayed with Rosario for another unsuccessful year before deciding to move back to Bolivia to try and get back in the national team. Now under the guidance of Jorge Habberger I returned to Aurora, making another 180 appearances, although this time there was to be no glory as we were relegated in 2014. I decided to hang up my boots shortly after, aged 29, largely due to increasing problems with my cruciate ligaments, I never managed to earn a recall at international level which was a source of constant frustration to me.
Celebrating winning the league in 2008

After my retirement Jorge offered me the job of youth team manager on the recommendation of Hector who briefly served as my assistant before his death in January. I will be eternally grateful for all he did for me, the old man not only gave me my big break to get into the sport on a professional level but also took me under his wing and mentored me in the subtle arts of tactics and man management.
Please note; this back story and characters, including Juan Cardoso are entirely fictional.

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Got a genuine chance of some silverware in my second season with Villa after reaching the semi's of the League cup;

Hull are currently fifth in the Championship so we will be favourites, especially with the first leg being at Villa Park.

We're currently on a good run, undefeated in seven games in all competitions.

This has put us in a good position in the league, well clear of relegation troubles;

Surprising to see Chelsea doing so badly on FM even if they haven't had the best season in real life.
Seems to have gone by largely unmentioned that the U21's won the Toulon tournament last night, beating France. The first England team to have won anything in over 20 years.
I don't think you can without recreating the whole competition and assigning specific teams.
I'm currently playing as Villa, I holidayed for a season and oddly enough they were relegated without signing or selling anybody in January, just as in real life. I completely overhauled the squad for life in the Championship and sold no fewer than sixteen first team players and bringing in fourteen new faces. Our attacking style just about won us the Championship title as despite a strong challenge by Blackburn;

We also had a great run in the FA cup, reaching a Wembley semi-final against Manchester United;

Back in the Premier league we have fared ok, some solid performances so far have us sitting exactly where I hoped we would in a nice solid mid-table position as well as having reached the last eight in the League cup.

Here is my squad;

GK: Asmir Begovic, Martin Stekelenburg, Viktor Johansson
RB: Keiran Trippier, Chris Solly, Jonjoe Kenney
CB: Andre Wisdom, Adrian Mariappa, Nathan Baker, Mike Williamson, Easah Sulliman
LB: Neil Taylor, Paulo De Ceglie
CM: Ben Watson(C), Tom Carroll, Carlos Sanchez, Leandro Bacuna, Gary Gardner
RW: Adama Traore, Jack Grealish
AM: Zach Clough, Carles Gil
LW: Scott Sinclair, Gabby Agbonlahor
ST: Pierre-Michael Lasogga, Danny Ings, Jordan Ayew, Chuba Akpom, Rushian Hepburn-Murphey

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Guess it's time to start hanging out with you lot.

I'd be happy enough with a solid mid table finish whilst we overhaul the entire squad and backroom and push on in 2017/18.
'You see a brighter future for yourself at this new company and feel it could advance you better in the future than your current post' blah blah blah

Yeah that's pretty much what I thought. Not sure if makes me look bad wanting away so fast though. Not really desperate to leave my job as duty manager at my two shops I look after currently but this position I'm applting for is for a actual shop manager role so ithat would be step up in job title even if the pay is only about 1500 more a year.
I've just applied for a new job, but I've only been in my current position since February, if I get an interview how should I approach the inevitable issue of why are you leaving after just four months?
double post.

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That looks pretty hideous and unappetising. And the chicken isn't great looking either.

On a related note...FourFourTwo.com
Villa have been purchased by Chinese billionaire Dr Tony Jiantong Xia;

Aston Villa Football Club is pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed today for the sale of 100% ownership by Randy Lerner to Recon Group owned by Dr Tony Jiantong Xia subject to the approval of the Premier League and the Football League. Once those approvals have been granted and the new board members approved under the fit & proper rules of both leagues, Dr Xia will become Chairman of Aston Villa. The Club will announce the appointment of a new manager shortly.

Randy Lerner has sought the right new owner for Aston Villa who would take great care of the Club and restore its fortunes. He believes that Tony Xia is an excellent choice.

Recon Group is Dr Xia's privately owned holding company that owns the controlling interest in five publicly listed companies on the Hong Kong and Chinese stock exchanges and many other private companies employing 35,000 people in 75 countries.

Dr Xia played football as a striker until he finished at college and football has remained his passion. Dr Xia decided to buy an iconic football Club in England as the cornerstone of his Sports, Leisure and Tourism Division. He became a fan of Aston Villa many years ago and is delighted at the opportunity to become the new owner.

Dr Xia's immediate objective is to return Aston Villa to the Premier League and then to have the Club finish in the top six, bringing European football back to Villa Park. He plans to make Aston Villa the most famous football Club in China with a huge fan base.

The last bit is slightly hilarious, but all encouraging stuff.
Having to dig deep into my patience this afternoon trying to teach my 91 year old volunteer to use our new touch screen tills after 20+ years of using an open all hours type machine.
Anyone good with getting printers to work?

I'm trying to print my payslip from last month, but all I am getting out of the printer is the shaded boxes which on screen contain all my information,however when it's printed the boxes are all empty of text.

Not sure if it's Adobe Acrobat or my printer that is the problem.
I'm shocked we didn't have a pitch invasion to celebrate not losing, almost forgot what getting any points felt like.
Fucking hell, Fellaini gets banned and we somehow put out a worse side than usual.

Resting players when we've still got a chance of top four. Criminal.

Van Gal just wants to ride off into the sunset with the FA cup, doesn't look like 4th or 5th matters much to him.

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Pretty special around here at the moment, most of the shops and houses adorned in blue and white leicester stuff and almost everyone walking home past my shop in kit. I'm going to the pub after work to watch the game, bound to be one he'll of a party when Wes Morgan lifts the trophy.

Focusing in my own team for a second I can actually see us being the ass hole team with no reason to show up who goes out of their way to spite another, I'm going for a 1-0 win over Newcastle today.
This season is just the gift that keeps on giving for Villa supporters.
According to him the banks only loaned Arsenal the money to build the stadium on the provision he stay as manager for at least five more years, and he hinted there were other clubs trying to hire him at the time. BBC Sport
Can't wait for Sunday now, I live in Leicestershire so it is going to be amazing in the pubs for the Man United game.

2016 really isn't a fan of celebrities.
I noticed on my FB trending doo-da last night that there is a Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out. Completely slipped under my radar that, can't wait though as a loved RDR1.
Gabby Agbonlahor...The fun never stops

God I hope this fat useless cunt gets sold or released in the summer.
Shay Given starting for Stoke tonight.

Now there's a retro throwback.

Butland injured or is it just an end of season rotation thing?
Mervyn King and David Bernstein have resigned from the Villa board of directors just a month after being appointed. avfc.co.uk

I like the sound of the line about being in advanced negotiations, Hopefully this is an indicator Lerner has dropped his price and is prepared to just cut his losses.
Well that's the relegation finally confirmed then. It's almost a relief to finally have it official after being dead in the water since before Christmas. Perhaps relegation isn't the worse thing that could happen as some of the mercenaries the club spent millions on who have put in fuck all effort all season will hopefully leave and we can build a fresh new squad with some of the talented academy players such as Hepburn-Murphey and Andre Green coming through under a new manager.

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