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bluemoon. Comments
And yet I wouldn't be surprised if you still went through.

I wouldn't be absolutely shocked, but as much as I can see us scoring a few against them I can't see us not conceding.
Well, we fucked that.
Things are going pretty well at the moment. I'm starting to seriously think we might win something this season.

Can't help but think it'll be a while yet, but when it does, it'll probably happen to someone unexpected rather than a top side. Either that or Champions League becomes priority in the second half of the season and focus wanders a little bit on league games.

Its even more strange that none of these seem to have really put Fabian Delph under a great deal of pressure in his makeshift left-back role, but given the riches going forward, maybe they've just gone for the "attack is best form of defence" routine.

Honestly, he's been targeted specifically by most teams we've played - at least, those who've felt able to attack us - it's just incredible that he's so rarely looked out of place. He's had a few weaker performances recently, but overall he's been really fucking good. It's not just that we're shielding him.

I second your opinion about our inevitable 1-0 loss at Goodison and/or Turf Moor.

«This comment has been edited»
6/10 performance by our recent standards. I'll take it, though.
'mon the boys.
Because they are idiots. They still believe that Thatcher screwed them despite the truth being easily available.

They will instead vote for Labour whose leader has friends bombed the country and their neighbours and next day he kept inviting them to drinks at the House of Commons.

Mmm, this is the good shit.

Been away for a while, good to know somethings haven't changed.
Remember kids, it's all Claudio Bravo's fault.
Well we threw that away.

So, Pulis or Pardew? What do you think?

Either way, this is an area where English law is awful. Hope the Telegraph hand the story over to a Scottish paper or some other news media not bound by English law.

Pulis for sure. Wasn't there some talk of him freezing out Berahino in part because he wanted him to change agents (like with Allardyce and Ravel Morrison)?
If anybody's going to get Sunderland relegated it's Moyes. He's a joke.
Bravo might secretly be a Utd fan. Keeps trying to let us score and wants Rooney off the pitch.

But it's ok though because Bravo is good with his feet.

Don't start that shite.
Got to keep it respectable, I suppose.

Decent for a first-time finish too.
Not bad so far.
Not bad so far.
Am actually a little more worried about this than I probably should be. Long term it should be in a midfield three with Carrick (or more likely Carrick's replacement) behind him and Schneiderlin or Herrera next to him. Short term it will be in the two of a 4-2-3-1 until Mourinho fucks Rooney off which is a huge waste of his ability.

I just hope Mourinho has the balls to do to Rooney what he deserves, and that he does it quickly enough it doesn't de-rail our season.

Be a massive waste if Pogba ends up stuck in a midfield two. 4-3-3 seems like the glaringly obvious choice for your mob.
Man City have been busy too, Sane yesterday and Gabriel Jesus today (albeit he actually joins City in January). Pep is making some good signings but I still think he needs to sort out the defence, urgently!

And by all accounts Marlos Moreno still to come too. Don't think we need much for the defence but the sooner he fucks off Kolarov (doesn't even have to sell him, shooting him out of a cannon would be fine) the better. How he was still starting matches for us last season I will never know.
On the subject of weird Madrid signings, whatever happened to Royston Drenthe?

Kicking it Dubai, I think. Did hear about him a while ago, not 100% where though.
Seems a strange decision when your the best player on the planet to quit at just 29. I realise he's lost four major finals with Argentina but the fact is they keep reaching finals and I wouldn't have betted against them getting getting to another, possibly successful final before he hits the downslope.

Possibly something has gone in behind the scenes and he will come out retirement before Russia 2018.

There's definitely stuff going on behind the scenes, not whether he'll come out of retirement for the World Cup though.

He, and a fair few others I assume, are pretty pissed off with both AFA being a disgrace and Martino not being good enough. This has also happened at the same time as the Argentine government have essentially tried to take over the AFA, the league system is completely up in the air, and FIFA are currently in the process of 'intervening'. Meanwhile he's being expected to carry the team though the competition, it's all a bit of a mess.
Shit, only just seen this. Would have joined otherwise!
With United news if we bother to deny something you can pretty much guarantee somethings going on. True for you lot as well?

Yeah, sometimes. They don't treat all the journalists the same though, if Simon Mullock or Martin Blackburn say something it's generally true. And they're the ones saying it's rubbish.
Lot of people on both sides seemingly pouring cold water on the idea now.

It's a bit weird, all the journalists close to City are saying nothing's doing, nobody in Germany seems to be giving it much attention but there are still reports - and in actual newspapers too! - saying that it's on.
Tbf 'Sky sources' could well just be Di Marzio seeing as he works for Sky (Sky Italia yes, but still Sky), couldn't it?

To be fair, it's Sky. They've probably just read it online and claimed it as their own.
Take out his hat trick against Villa he got 13 in 37 games. Fucking atrocious. Will have a good Euros though, think he fits tournament football.

Bit better than 1 in 3, it's not horrific it's just not at the Aguero/Suárez-level. My point is he's significantly better than Walcott - Arsenal should still be trying to improve on Giroud - but Vardy replacing Walcott is a more significant upgrade.
Upgrade on Giroud as well whose completely fucking average.

Yeah but at least he actually scores goals.
This is basically Arsene's last season and I think he's going all out for it. He's talked constantly about South American strikers for the past two years and I think a Sheffield Chav who was playing non-League not too long ago is the closest you're gonna get to a fighter mentality in England.

Also linked with Mkhitaryan, could be a front three of Alexis, Vardy & Mkhitaryan with Özil behind. If Vardy reaches 3/4 of the form he did last season he could get near 20 goals easy. Giroud contributing double digits and however many Alexis can get and there's enough firepower to win the League there.

I don't think that'll actually happen, but that's kind of my point. Wenger's clearly been clinging to the hope that Walcott will manage to have a season like that whilst moving between centre-forward and out wide, and Vardy offers a far more likely chance of that happening. Even if he's not a guarantee of success or a long-term signing, it's an obvious, affordable upgrade on the likes of Walcott who don't produce often enough.
His goals last season had a bit of variety to them when you watch them back. We played our best football last season with fucking Theo up front who can't control a ball to save his life so I'm not really surprised.

I'm not entirely convinced by it for Arsenal, but I was thinking about it earlier and for all the flaws he's a clear upgrade on Walcott. He's everything Walcott is supposed to be but a bit older, and a massive racist.
Clearly trying to assemble the worlds most expensive physio room.

Despite some City and Liverpool fans accusations we don't control the press. Not much we can do if someone to do with Mendes decides to leak the news after the FA Cup final. We've kept the English media in the dark since December over it

I wouldn't suggest you do, but as with City and Mancini and Pellegrini, the fact United basically just played dumb didn't exactly smack of competence. Obviously it's a tricky situation but that side of things wasn't handled brilliantly.

All things considered I think we've handled this pretty well.

Sounds like you've handled things pretty well behind the scenes, and done an absolute abortion of a job when it comes to managing the press and the public perception of events.

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