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MarkC1984 Comments
If you run ethernet cables, then you will get the full speed. I'm on the 152 MB package from Virgin, on wireless I get around 50 MB, on ethernet I was always getting around 160/170 MB, so my downloads were done in quick time. Wireless downloads will take a lot longer, and also if there is a lot of traffic around you when downloading that can affect the download speed.
Fixed link to article, and it has submitted under my name.
In game, just change the destination folder to wherever you want it to point to for future games. I changed mine from C:\ etc, to E:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015. You will need to restart the game for it to pick up the changes. If you have everything in your documents folder moved to the other HD, it should pick all graphics and skins up, as well as save games.

Hope this helps, post back if you need more help.
Second season. WOW. All I can say is WOW. Board wanted me to get promotion, and even though I lost a few matches it was another promotion for me. An excellent run in a couple of cups ended with me earning a very unlikely win in one of them. In one cup, I beat Rangers Hamilton and Celtic. Images will be uploaded soon, I need to get them prepared to post later on.
Not sure if this can be included, but the article says the club have an option for a 2 year extension on the contract.
Not sure if this can be included, but the article says the club have an option for a 2 year extension on the contract.
In the 30 minutes I played this morning, despite having more than £500k in the bank, they refused to turn professional saying they had no confidence in me. Er the guy who got you promoted when the odds were 2000/1, when everyone said relegation fight was all we could look forward to? I swear, idiots run football clubs.
So as I said, the target I made for myself was to get 10 points out of 102 possible points. Seeing how they struggle most seasons, I wasn't optimistic. However, with getting rid of a load of players who weren't deemed good enough, and bringing in a load of free transfers I managed to get the team playing well after an opening day loss.

The board agreed to fund me training for the next licence up the ladder, a Continental C. They agreed in January 2015 to fund a new course for me to get the B licence. There was a board takeover started before the League season even started. It was completed and they didn't put any money into the club. Every request I made was met with the answer we have no funds. However, they managed to find £200k over the course of the season to pump into the finances of the club. Earning promotion to the League 2 failed to bring about a change to Professional status from Semi Professional, although my contract went from part time to full time.

Now to try and build a squad for the next season as the Board expect me to fight for promotion to League 1. Only time will tell if I can achieve that or if I will be sucked into a relegation fight.
OK, so as the only Scottish team I have any time for I decided yesterday afternoon to create a career as manager of Fort William F.C., in a bid to stop them being the perennial whipping boys of their League. To be honest, I didn't really have high hopes for my first season. Looking at the fixtures, I expected to maybe win only around 10 points. Boy how wrong was that prediction.
Error by the submitter, Kenny Black is only Assistant Manager, have advised submitter to submit right record of manager change.
Article states that Lloyd-Weston is moving to Newcastle Town, and Southport have signed Seb Usai on a free transfer. Wage and contract details unknown.
Article states that in February he mutually terminated his contract with AFC Wimbledon, so not sure if he actually joined straight from Wimbledon or if he was available on a free for a short time before signing with St. Albans.
Just made myself incredibly unpopular with the team. We were 2-0 up, then let the opposition make it 2-2. I slam the team at half time, second half we go 4-2 up and they let the others make it 4-4. I slammed the team afterwards, and then went through the team and those who I could fine for poor performance I fined them all 1 weeks wages. Take that you lazy pampered losers.
Well, I am still only in October and job status is listed as insecure. I promised a title challenge and we are sitting 7th. So not that good. I'm hoping I will at least be able to avoid being sacked before the end of 3 seasons.
We've made the playoffs with a game to spare. Good job really cos I wouldn't fancy us last game to get a point if we needed it. Hoping to avoid Cambridge in the semis but over two legs I fancy us! Saying that, we struggled to beat Hyde yesterday....

What do you make of the defender Sam Hatton? I've seen other Grimsby fans split over him, some like him and some think he's shit. I know he is leaving this summer, his girlfriend has already moved back near her home and he wants to be at a club nearer his family.
Trouble is, whilst he takes half of the budget for me, he is also the top scorer for the first season. Do I sell him, or carry on with his hefty wages and see if he can help fire us to the League title this season. Tough choice.

Actually choice been taken away from me, player has decided to move on a free transfer at the end of his contract, which just so happens to be at the end of June 2014.

However, bad news alert. Chairman is looking for a new owner. Will I be able to survive the carnage of a takeover? Doubtful.

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From what I can gather on Google, there is no rule in Israel that prevents the scouting network from working below the top league. Might be worth posting on the SI boards, they might be able to answer better.
Graham Westley needs a fucking punch in the face. I can't turn water into wine he bleats tonight. No, but you take a team who had a respectable finish last season and take them to relegation? I mean WTF is that all about? He needs to go. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bit of a mixed start here, it seemed I couldn't get the team playing in any kind of coherent form. We would win a couple, then lose a few or draw them and in the end despite me promising the board a top half finish I got 7th. Which I suppose is top half technically.

League - 3


Magyar Kupa - 0


Ligakupa - 0


Europa League - 0



Ferencvaros - P2, W1, D1 = 5
Ujpest - P2, D1, L1 = 0
Vasas - P0 = 0
Diosgyor - P2, D2 = 0

Total: 7+0+0+0+5 = 12

Hoping I can make the second season a bit better.
Main reason apart from no experience managing a big club is the fact he inherited a squad which needs rebuilding in a big way. It was always going to be a case of him needing at least 2 seasons to build a new team. Sadly in the day of money and results, patience is not shown in football.
I don't think there is, sorry. But just to be sure, head over the FM Forums and ask there. Unless someone here has a better answer that is.
Well that is it. Goodbye Stevenage. Useless fuckers. Sell the whole fucking team and sack the manager. Absolute disgrace. Not happy.
Given up all hope of Stevenage surviving this season. Westley is shite, time he was sacked and a new man was brought in to kick those overpaid tossers up the arse and get them playing with some passion and pride.
Will do my usual trick, wait a couple of months then Amazon will slash the price and I'll pick it up cheap.
Well, I had a decent second season but sacked 2 months into the third season. Oh well. Will do points until I got sacked.

Season 2.

League & Finals Series, 1st in League and winners of Finals series = 35



Kewell, player of the year = 25


Asian Champions League = 0

Melbourne - P4, W3, L1 = 15
Sydney FC - P3, W1, D2 = 3
Wanderers - P3, W2, L1 = 6

Season 2 points: 84

Season 3

Sacked in December = -25

Melbourne - P1, D1 = 0
Sydney - P1, D1 = 0
Wanderers - P1, L1 = 0

Season 3 points: -25

Total points: 105+84+-25 = 164 points total for this leg. Gutted the board sacked me, I'd only just signed a new contract as well. Now to sit and wait for the next leg to begin.
Is there a tick in the reload skin on confirm box? Apart from that, have no idea as to why the faces are not showing.
Well, I had a massive stroke of luck. I forgot that I had my game saves folder set to backup automatically on a cloud server every night. Luckily, I had managed to back up my save so provided no more setbacks happen I should be able to post screenshots for the second season soon and then make a start on the third season later today. Never been so relieved in all my life.
Will have to dock 25 points from me I'm afraid. Laptop hard drive went kaput over weekend so lost my progress. Had finished first and won the playoffs but they have been unable to recover any data from the old drive. So looking like I am going to be sitting the rest of this leg out.
Will be using this once I get my laptop back. Had a massive hard drive failure over the weekend.
Downloaded a 6.6 GB file from here yesterday morning at a speed of 6 to 7 MB a second.