Football Manager Logos are one of the most popular types of FM Graphics available. Club Logos, Competition Logos, Nation Logos and Team Logos are all available from our FM Logos section. Download our Logopacks to update Football Manager with thousands of Football Manager Logos. Our FM Logo Megapacks also contain all the Football Manager Flags you need.

Our Football Manager Metallic Logos Pack contains over 26,000 Club logos, over 1000 Competition logos and every National Logo, Continental Logo and Flag in the game. It's kept regularly up to date to ensure you always have best and latest Logos to make Football Manager even more attractive.

Latest Release:: 2015.10 - 01st Sep 2015

Our ESS Logos for Football Manager are some of the biggest and best FM Logos around. This pack has been around for years and is a big favourite within the community. By downloading you'll be able to update Football Manager with thousands of the latest and best looking Club and Competition Logos around.

Here it is the Shiny 2013 Megapack, with more than 16000 club logos and over 1200 competition logos, and of course all Nation and Confederation logos, plus some extinct countries flags and alternative logos for clubs, competitions and nations. The pack will be updated regularly and new logos are always being added.

Latest Release:: 2015.02 - 21st Apr 2015

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