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i wanna do the san marino challenge in FM24.

ive downloaded a italy d5 database and went to edit the victor san marino club.

so that they are based in san marino. 

i could edit all but 1 country line to san marino as they needed to be in italy to take part in the italian divisions. ( see screenshot 1 and 2. )

some of the regens they make where from san marino. ( test for 1 year on vacation )

but the italian players are not getting theyir eligibility for san marino. ( screenshot 3 )

how can i change this?

i dont know what to change in the database to allow this.


the database i used is from @timo@.

thanks in advance for all the help!

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To become a sammarinese citizen you have to live in the country for 30 years (I believe is set to 15 in FM). This means that it is impossible for a player to get the citizenship of San Marino. 


You can edit this value with the pre-game or in-game editor an change it to 5 years, which is the requirement of FIFA to play for another country. If you set it lower your players will get the nationality but they won't play for the National Team until they have lived for 5 years in San Marino.

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thank you for the awnser, i did not realise it was 30 or 15 years to gain citizenship.


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