Suitable for 20.4.1

- Increased pressing for the full backs
- Tried to bring the DMC closer to the other 2 midfielders to close the space between the 2 units.

This is the tactic that I have been using for a number of years since the sliders were removed from FM 2014

I used it with Crystal Palace in FM15, 16 and 17, Fiorentina in FM14, 16 and 17 , Galatasaray in FM17 and 18, Astonvilla in FM18 and Milan in FM 2019. I would win the champions league with all of those clubs within 4 years.

It is now available for FM 2020. In this year`s game I also started with Milan.

The Tactic:

- The main advantage of this tactic is the transition game that you can have between a sort of 3-4-3 during attack and 4-4-2 defending. So you will score a lot of goals while conceding very few. My usual goal per game is 2.5 to 3 and conceded is 0.5 to 0.8 per game in FM 14-15-16-17-18 and 19
- When attacking the AML and AMR comes narrow to form a 3 men striker line. The DL and DR pushes forward next to the 2 MC giving you a 4 men midfield, The DMC is sitting behind the MC`s acting like a stopper defender and the 2 defenders are behind him like covers.
- With the DL and DR pushing there are many nice passing opportunities to them from the MC and AMR and AML. You have a lot of variety in wing attacks. Your Wingers are left with a lot of space. Besides when the ball gets to the byline there will be 4 players pushing against oppositions 4 defenders if they are using a 4 men defensive tactic.
- During defense it is a similiar to 4-4-2 stance with the 3 players in the midfield closing down the opposition attacks from the center and the wings and the attacking midfield wingers coming back to help the defense with the opposition full backs.
- Another defensive advantage is the compactness the tactic provides denying the opposition a lot of space in the close vicinity of the ball. That is why the SC, AMR and the AML are all set as support and they play closer to the midfielders. *the second version that I uploaded recently changes the SC to attack from support as I experienced that way he can pressure the opposition defense better.
- I used to use opposition instructions in previous games but with FM2019 on I don`t use it anymore. It made no significant difference.
The most important players in this line up are the DL and DR. Spend all your money to buy 2 very good wing backs in the first season if your team doesn't have any decent ones. Also their strong foot must be matching the side they play. Your AMR and AMl must have opposite foot to the side they play.They make a lot of crosses so I recommend you guys to have a forward with a decent arial ability, Also have a tall DMC.

Also do not change any player roles. For example if you have a forward who has the strongest role as a target man do not change the tactic to suit him. Please have him play as the complete forward as in the tactic. He will do very well do not worry. This applies to all other positions and roles as well. This is very important. This applies to all other positions.

I do no adjustments for home or away fixtures. The only weakness that I noticed in recent FM games is that more and more teams are playing with 3-5-2 and that tactic is somewhat proving to be boggy with the wing players limiting the space for my wing backs. I also have a second tactic as 4-2-3-1 so if I can not find goals I switch to it. It is not like they dominate with 5-3-2 over this tactic, the games just ends with a draw. I downloaded that 4-2-3-1 from someone in another forum for FM2018. You can also do the same and set it as your back up plan if the game is 0-0 and very uneventful.

Please don`t change the tactic so much during the game because in my opinion changing roles and positions just ruins everything. It is better to switch to a pre-saved second tactic file if things go south because in my opinion tactical familiarity is very important. If you just keep modifying one tactic the tactical familiarity will suffer. You must have drills that are practiced in training sessions in reality. I dont`t think any professional head coach goes out there and tries to improvise during the game.

I set the youth team options as use the tactics of the main team. They dominate the youth league and I think that is a very vivid demo of the success of the tactic. I also added a screenshot of their fixtures.

It is a very aggressive domination tactic. I hope you enjoy it. Please give me your feedback and I am really looking forward to it. We can discuss more about my set-piece tactics as well if you wish.
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What about pre-match briefing etc?
8 years ago
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What about pre-match briefing etc?

I usually do the pre-match technical meeting myself and press the first 2 options. Before the match I always do positive motivating speeches with passionate and I expect a win option.

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New update available with better game play

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