Being used since Championship Manager 97/98, this tactic can never go wrong. This year, I waited to become a Man Utd legend before sharing it with you guys...

If you want to become your club legend this tactic is for you!

Started my first save with Man Utd when the game was first released last year and just couldn’t stop keep on going. I re-built this tactic from the FM19 one I used to dominate the football world but I'm using the same team structure, instructions and anything else related to this tactic since Football Manager (or shall I say Championship Manager) season 97/98. In FM20 I used this tactics with many club like Man Utd, Tottenham, Maccabi Haifa, Sporting Lisbon, Dortmund, Milan, Chelmsford, Sunderland and many more, so regardless if you are playing with a top tier club or in the lower leagues, this tactic will make it work.

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In this tactic the most important players you will have in your squad are the Inside Forwards. They will be your goalscorers and together with an excellent Advance/Complete Forward you will have a goal machine tactic in hand. But remember (!) it will take you up to a month until you'll start seeing the real results of this tactic. With every team, depends on how good my players were, they needed to get at least 85% familiarity before chopping any competitor. Until then, you should expect some tie away games and few 1-0 wins, but once all players are 100% familiar with this tactic you'll start hitting the net!

As this tactic is all about the wings while the secondary most important players are your attacking full backs. Note that you should set them to an 'Attack' role so they can overlap your inside forwards once they cross into the box to score some goals. I was really amazed to see how the ball goes for the keeper to the BBM to your Advanced Playmaker who pass it to the side and the full back gets the ball into the far side of the box so my left inside forward blasts it into the net.

At your early days you don't want to make allot of changes but just play this tactic as is and let your players get fully familiar with it. As I said, you might get some draws along the first few weeks but it will be worth it long term. Once the team got familiar with the tactic you might want to take a look back at the team instructions when you are at the 2/3 of the first season. If you keep scoring and winning as you should - no changes required. However, keep an eye open on your striker. If he is more fit to play as an Advance Forward, let him play this position with few changes in his individual player instructions (I will upload a video with all the instructions to my channel later this week).

In regards to the specific individual instructions for all players, you'll see it once you load it in your FM20 save. It supports my description above.

To watch a walkthrough videos of this legendary journey, visit my revised new channel!

Now go and have some fun winning!
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4 months ago

why i cant download?

8 years ago
3 weeks ago

Hey mate, are there any PI's or OI's? I'm playing via Stadia so it's impossible to download and upload tactics from local so I'm forced to recreate by hand if I want to use this tactic. I'd like to try it out at Tottenham. 

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