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I decided with the new FM21 I'd change my approach on what team I would manage. Previously, I have managed to bring Burgess Hill Town FC into the English Championship in 10 seasons (before my laptop died), I went from West Ham FC, Boca Juniors and FC Tokyo and won Euro, South American and Asia Champions League.

This time I wanted to start with a young team that I can keep together for several seasons with the same nationality so I searched and found that Red Bull have many clubs, more than just RB Liepzig and found that RBL have RB Salzburg as RBL's feeder club but RB Salzburg have their own Red Bull feeder club called FC Liefering in the Austrian 2nd Divison, FC Liefering has an average age of 17 which was perfect so I blindly loaded up the season, not knowing what issues were then going to appear.

Set Up

Excited to start on this RB Ride but as soon as I read the Rules and Regs of the Austrian 2nd Division I realised that since RB Salzburg were in the Austrian First Division promotion was not allowed as FC Liefering and RBS are under the RB umbrella, not to worry, I can keep winning the league and get noticed by RB Salzburg and hopefully get the chance to manage them at a (much) later date and surely it would be okay cause I can also compete in the Austrian Cup! Nope, no Cup games for 2nd Division team! So 30 games in the (short) season along with a two month Winter Break.

No need to change the staff as FCL have excellent Youth and Training Facilities and with a vast array of young players with back up in each position I hardly needed to spend any of the whopping €250k kitty Red Bull provided.

Average Current Ability: 3 to 3.5 Stars / Average Potential Ability: 4.5 to 5 Stars

Season 20/21
Star Player: Benjamin Sesko (FC) - 24 Goals
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Rising Star: Maurtis Kjaegaard (AMC)
W: 21 D: 6 L:3 - Pts: 69
Story: Season started well and with only 30 games in the season along with a massive 2 month winter break there was not any real completion in the league.


Red Salzburg decided that even though we are under the RB umbrella and multiple requests to re-sign their youth players on loan the Salzburg board decided they wanted their youth players to sit in their reserves.

Youth Candidates: AMAZING! So good in fact I had to start benching 4* players who were over 19 years old as those players were considered old.

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