For a fourth time, on behalf of the Austrian Research Team, I invite you to explore the deepest depths of the Austrian soccer rabbit hole. I wish you a lot of fun. 🙂


The Austrian 2. Klasse (B) (Burgenland) consists of 3 competitions (North, Central, South) since this year. On the federation website there are only match dates listed until November 15, none in 2021. Therefore, I take the best 2 teams from each league and have them play each other three times in a 6 team league in the spring to decide who will advance to the 1st division. Like last year, I have adapted the youth leagues again, from the more than full schedule of the U18 teams became a state internal "Nations" League (built the same as the Nations League). So you save leagues compared to FM19 and have a less crowded schedule compared to FM20.

At the start of the game you should NOT choose "Austrian Level 6 and above", any other constellation can be chosen. Best would be "Austrian Level 10 and above", because the FM uses random promotions and so leagues could shrink/grow a lot.

This file is not compatible with any "name change" files! Keep your distance from it. (This refers to external "name change files", not the LNC).

I highly recommend to check "Add players to playable teams" at save start.


[li]150 leagues[/li]
[li]10 cups[/li]
[li]82 reserve leagues[/li]
[li]1 youth league[/li]
[li]9 U-18 leagues with 38 subdivisions[/li]

Additional files:

Supplemental files are available again this year:

[li]Austria's awards[/li]
[li]Austria's fictional referees[/li]
[li]Austria's media sources[/li]

Download and install:

Download and put the file into the user folder in the subfolder "editor data".
Example location of the folder on Windows 10: "C:\Users\...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data".
To be able to use the league extension you have to create a new savegame.

Thanks to all the helpers who made it possible to get the Austria file for FM21 up and running. 🙂
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