Overlord Magnus
2 years ago
1 week ago

For some reason I can't make any new league if the game already has something for that nation.

F.e., I made a Southeast Asian Super League, hosted in Indonesia called ASEAN Premier League. Then I put the teams, added the nation rules, all that jazz.

I even made ALL of Indonesia's prior competitions extinct.

Still, when I go to a new game, even with only this editor file selected (all the rules are valid btw), I can't select Indonesia and it shows like this, with the name of the old league.

 If I go ingame with another league, the correct name for the league appears (ASEAN Premier League), and the teams are there, but I can't click in it, and “Liga 1” is nowhere to be found…




Oh, this all started because I tried to make Japan playable. I downloaded a database for Japan, and even with the real name/NT fix, I can't select the Japanese League nor the National Team, even though real players do now fill the squad… It seems like the game's database is overriding my editor files for some reason.

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