Scottish Premier league down to the Scottish Junior leagues.


All made as accurately as I could. All Leagues and Cup comps are there. Most cups don't start until season two. 






League 1


League 2


Highland League

Lowland League


East of Scotland League

West of Scotland League

South of Scotland League

North Caledonian League


East of Scotland Conferences A&B

West of Scotland Conferences A,B&C


East Region Juniors Tayside Division

East Region Juniors Lothian Division

North Region Juniors Superleague


North Region Juniors First Division


North Region Juniors Second Division


I also am Working on a database that removes the Junior divisions and replaces them further up the pyramid allowing promotion and relegation from all leagues.




Stuarty Blue
7 years ago
1 day ago

Great effort 🙂


3 years ago
1 year ago

hey have u updated this and with transfers and managerial changes

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