Ta Pelé
4 months ago
1 week ago

Hello guys. So, lately I've been wondering if aggressive tactics are unstoppable.

My dad, for instance, took Dulwich Hamlet from the Vanarama south right to the EFL1 getting promoted every season (the first season he played got promoted to Vanarama National League, the second one to EFL2 and so on) now he's second in EFL1 and though he did have signed good players, it's completely unreal for a team to go up that way. He plays very aggressively with two attacking wingbacks no defensive midfielder and the lines up on the pitch.

Also, I've watched YouTube series that with an attacking mentality teams perform better than expected avoiding relegations or getting to the playoffs and also from my experience. I was managing Northampton. We were about to be relegated and I switched to an aggressive tactic and my team form notably improved.

So it seams that with an aggressive tactic you're invincible, performing much better that what's expected. To me, it's clear the game favours super aggressive teams which is ridiculous.

Have you ever failed (fighting for relegation when you weren't supposed to for instance) using this kind of tactics?

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