4 years ago
1 year ago

Hi guys;

starting a new game (maybe a long term one...) do you disable the transfer window in the first season? What do you think is more realistic? 

2 years ago
1 year ago

Disabled. Because exists the future transfers, so it could become a mess.

13 years ago
6 hours ago

yes always as want clubs to go with the squads they started the season with IRL 


infact I set up a transfer ban for a 12 month usually 


I also set up the free transfers that are pre arranged for the following jan window/ summer only those in leagues that interest me and use FMRTE/IGE to sort out the loans and paid for deals when I get to those windows so the deals happen when they should eg 1/7/21 etc

Tommy Hughes
10 years ago
15 hours ago

I set up a transfer ban for all clubs too, one that lasts just past the first transfer window, so transfers are disabled but loans allowed. That is so that youth players can still get the advantage of going out on loan.

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