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David Wilson
10 years ago
3 months ago

Hi guys! So I don't know if this is at all possible however I thought I'd just put it out there to see...

I've started a new save with Inter Milan after being AC Milan recently however I've noticed that the in game graphics of both the stadium are different to each other, personally I think Inter's in game stadium looks more realistic to the San Siro then AC's. Now I do think within the in game editor, Inter's stadium is listed Giuseppe Meazza while AC's is the San Siro. If this is changed within the editor will this change the in game graphics of the stadium? if not is there anyway around this?

This is just a ridiculous little bug bare I have...I know I need to get a life lol. Also wouldn't it be great of we could get oval stadiums to represent the Stadio Olimpico etc.


Thanks guys!

1 year ago
1 year ago

Hey, I just came across this, and just a weird little info- Inter Milan recognizes the San Siro stadium as Giuseppe Meazza (a former star player of Inter Milan back in the 30's I believe) and AC Milan recognizes that very stadium as… San Siro. It's weird af, but it is what it is. Same stadium, different names. It's as if Roma called the Olympic stadium ‘Eternal City stadium' and Lazio kept it as Olympic stadium.


Now I'd like to know if someone has been re-designing the stadiums to fit real life stadiums in-game.

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