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13 years ago
2 years ago

Climbing back with SpVgg Unterhaching - Beginnings



Welcome to an adventure in which a particular team will try to get back to the top where they once were. SpVgg Unterhaching reached Bundesliga at the start of the 2000's, their two seasons in the top tier had some brilliant moments. Nowadays they residing in 3. Liga - we are not too harsh if we say they are having really dark days at the club.

Let's see what the future bring to this club. 
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1 year ago

Climbing back with SpVgg Unterhaching - Season 1 - Preview



Really hope those eyebrows will still be raised at the end of the season.

The squad I have inherited is not that bad, but my assistant tells me we have a number of weaknesses. With a transfer budget of a nice-looking 0€, loans and free transfers are the options we have. 


Unterhaching's main characters are:


Hain can operate as a striker and an attacking midfielder. As we don't have too much options up front, he could be used as our main striker, but we'll see.
Sascha is smiling, but I am sure he doesn't want to play in the third tier too long. I can understand.
Stahl is our best midfielder on paper. His attributes telling me that he could punch some faces if anybody tackles a teammate a little harder.

Our schedule for the pre-season is the following:


3. Liga will start on 20 September with a trip to Zwickau, so we have about a month to get ready for a long season. 

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1 year ago

Climbing back with SpVgg Unterhaching - Season 1 - Pre-season


See that bobsleigh in the crest? The club has a bobsleigh department as well, and had some Olympic and and world champion. Hope the football club will do the same.
Our pre-season started with a fixture against Eredivisie side Vitesse

SpVgg Unterhaching 0 - 3 Vitesse

SpVgg Unterhaching: Coppers - Dombrowka, Grauschopf, Greger, Müller - Fuchs, Stahl (Richter 55') - Hufnagel, Heinrich (Marselier 75'), Bigalke (Hain 26') - Hasenhüttl (Ehlich 75')
Well, that was grim. We couldn't attack, and couldn't defend. Vitesse are a much better team, but the way we played was..s**t.

We have a casualty as well..

SpVgg Unterhaching 0 - 4 Leeds United

SpVgg Unterhaching: Kroll - Ehlich, Müller, Weizmüller, Bandowski - Stierlin (Richter 72'), Hufnagel (Schröter 82') - Stahl, Krauß, Hain - Marselier (Müller 54')

Wow. Our starting XI included mainly our second-string, but this is still unacceptable.

SpVgg Unterhaching 1 - 1 Grasshoppers Zürich

SpVgg Unterhaching: Coppens - Dombrowka, Greger, Grauschopf, Bandowski (Müller 90+2') - Fuchs, Marselier - Richter, Mensah, Heinrich - Hasenhüttl

I saw some Haching ultras in the stand when we scored the pen, and I felt they just KNOW we can actually score goals. Well, a goal, don't go plural yet. Grasshoppers' goal came from an error by Coppens, 

SpVgg Unterhaching 0 - 3 Sion

SpVgg Unterhaching: Kroll - Turtschan, R. Müller, Greger, F. Müller - Madsen (Stahl 69'), Hufnagel - Stierlin, Krauß (Kaltner 90+1'), Hain - Schröter

We didn't have a shot on target. Jeez.


We finish our preparation for the season with a nice defeat. Our main problem is that we cannot do anything right in front of the goal. Both side of the pitch.
I think we are fully ready. Don't know for what, but we are. 


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1 year ago

Climbing back with SpVgg Unterhaching - Season 1 - September


After a good-looking pre-season, we finally get underway. We have two games in September: 


There wasn't too much transfer activities yet, but we managed to loan Igor Matanovic from St. Pauli:

He's only 17, but something tells me he will be our key to a successful season.


3. Liga, Matchday 1
FSW Zwickau 1 - 4 SpVgg Unterhaching

20 September 2021
Stadion Zwickau
Attendance: 5598


SpVgg Unterhaching: Coppens - Dombrowka, R. Müller, Greger, F. Müller - Fuchs, Hufnagel (Marselier 61') - Stahl, Hain, Heinrich - Matanovic

It seems our biggest problem during the pre-season was our actual opposition. We battered Zwickau, had a brilliant game. Matanovic scored a hat-trick on his debut. Mental.
Brilliant - he also claimed Player of the Week award.


Our Under 19 team started their campaign as well, and though they lost against 1860 München, a guy named Leonard Grob scored two for Unterhaching. He is with our first team already:


3. LIga, Matchday 2
SpVgg Unterhaching 0 - 1 Lübeck 

26 September 2021
Sportpark Unterhaching
Attendance: 3439


SpVgg Unterhaching: Coppens - Dombrowka, R. Müller, Greger, F. Müller - Fuchs, Marselier (Stierlin 72') - Stahl, Hain, Heinrich - Matanovic (Grob 72')


Me neither Vincent, believe me. We played very poorly, barely had anything up front. Lübeck scored a lucky goal from a rebound, but we didn't deserve a point to be honest. They also had a disallowed goal.

These two games wrapped up the first month:


Could be better. We will have 6 matches in October; we will meet our local rival 1860 München, and league leader Duisburg as well. 
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1 year ago



Climbing back with SpVgg Unterhaching - Season 1 - October / Part 1


Our campaign continues with the following fixtures:



Igor Matanovic was the runner-up for the Player of the Month award:




3. Liga, Matchday 3
FC Ingolstadt 04 3 - 0 SpVgg Unterhaching

3 October 2020
Audi Sportpark
Attendance: 7210


SpVgg Unterhaching: Coppens - Dombrowka, R. Müller, Greger, F. Müller - Fuchs, Hufnagel - Stahl, Hain (Bandowski 57'), Heinrich (Marselier 57') - Matanovic


Ingolstadt are a good team so the defeat isn't a big surprise, but we failed to put on anything evaluable.


The next email in my inbox was the following:

Thank God.


On deadline day, we have landed Paul Will - the 21 year old joins Unterhaching on a season-long loan:



This signing wrapped up our transfers for the summer, with no departures - we tried to sell players as we are already spending over the wage budget, but without any success. Now onto the next game..


3. Liga, Matchday 5
SpVgg Unterhaching 1 - 0 SV Meppen

10 October 2020
Sportpark Unterhaching
Attendance: 4051


SpVgg Unterhaching: Coppens - Dombrowka (Ehlich 65'), R. Müller, Greger, F. Müller - Fuchs (Will 65'), Marselier - Stahl, Hain, Heinrich - Hasenhüttl


Job done. It wasn't an enlightening performance, but we won nevertheless. Hasenhüttl slotted home the ball from a brilliant cross by PoM Felix Müller. 


Though we won, fan day was a disappointment, so the board isn't that happy. I don't know who expected us win by 3-4 goals with free-flowing attacking football, that should take time. We go to Saarbrücken for the next game. They are in 16th place at the moment, but I expect a haaaaaard game.



3. Liga, Matchday 6

1 FC Saarbrücken 2 - 0 SpVgg Unterhaching

17 October 2020
Attendance: 4147


SpVgg Unterhaching: Coppens - Dombrowka, R. Müller, Greger (Grauschopf 43'), F. Müller (Bandowski 75') - Fuchs, Hufnagel - Stahl, Hain, Heinrich (Marselier 75') - Matanovic


See below.


We need to buck up our ideas as this path we are on will get us to the lower divisions. Actually we had a nice number of shots against Meppen and Saarbrücken, but till we couldn't mark a man, we will not winning games. Leaders Duisburg will take a trip to Sportpark Unterhaching in 3 days, then we play against 1860 München, also at home. Might get my CV from my drawer. 

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