Scott Tomlinson
2 years ago
3 weeks ago

Been following some guides on here and I'm trying to create a real fixture list, with current results and have a start date of November 8th 2021 for the EPL.


I can get the fixtures in no problem, and if I start the game before the season they appear just fine for all EPL teams. 

But once I add a start date for November, the fixtures and results are back to being random.


I have added the fixtures with results in the editor and then enabled advanced settings to set my start date. But no matter what I try, It does not work.


Is what I'm trying to achieve possible? And if so what am I missing? I am editing everything in the same file. Do I need to split them and have the start date for a different league?





8 years ago
1 week ago

Hi, Launches the game with the Indian Championship which starts on November 8.

I put the calendars with results for 6 championships if you do not succeed

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