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This guide will walk you through how to make changes to the sortitoutsi data update.


Incase you didn't know the update is entirely collaborative. Hundreds of people contribute changes every year using our online editor. When you submit a change a moderator has to come and approve your change, once it's approved it will then automatically be included in the next version of our update.


I'll now show you how to contribute a change by transferring Dean Smith from Aston Villa Manager to Norwich Manager.


When you visit the Data Update Page on the right hand side you'll see options to "Search" or "Browse".

If you know what you're looking for you can easily search, e.g. here i'm searching for "Steven Gerrard". SImply click the result you want to be taken to the person's profile:


Alternative you can browse the entire FM DB. This way you'll start at each Nation and drill down to Steven Gerrard by going to Europe > Scotland > Premiership > Rangers > Steven Gerrard.

This is useful if you can't remember the exact spelling for a player. You could also have searched “Scotland” in the search bar to jump straight to Scotland and clicked through to Rangers that way as well.

Once on Steven Gerrard's profile you're going to want to find the “Edit Data” button



Click this and you'll be greeted with a form with lots of fields which you can edit.

In our case we're looking to change 3 fields:

  • Team Contracted To = Aston Villa
  • Date Contract Expires = 30/06/2025
  • Data Contract Signed = 11/11/2022


Simply use the search box like normal and you should see the form change from this:

To this:

Now we don't want to edit any of the fields (reserved for future transfers and loans and such) so just scroll past those until you find the “description” and “proof” fields.

These are very important fields. You're going to want to briefly describe the change you've made in English, in our case this is easy we can just say something like “Transferred Steven Gerrard from being manager of Rangers to being manager of Aston Villa”.


The next field is the “proof”. Here you need to provide a URL that proves that the change you've made reflects real life. It may seem obvious that Steven Gerrard has moved to Aston Villa, but with thousands of changes being made every year not everyone will know about every event and we can't simply trust every submission we get. So it's important to find a trust worth news item and put it in the proof field.


In our case it seems obvious to link to the official Aston Villa website since it gives proof that it happened. However alternatively we might want to link to a news article that has more info, such as this one which has details about the length of his contract.

In our case I think the best thing to do would be link to the official announcement and then add a comment with the extra details.

So now this is what our form looks like:



Now what you're going to want to do is hit the big blue “SUBMIT” button, to submit your change.


Now you should see something like this:


A description of your change has been automatically generated based on what you entered. Anyone can also click the “proof” link on the right hand side to check the link to proof you submitted.


The “pending” icon indicates that a moderator must come and approve your change before it's added, don't worry this usually happens within a few hours 🙂

Now I mentioned earlier it would be worth adding an extra comment. You can comment on any person within the DB just look for the “Add Comment” button:

Now let's leave a helpful comment:

And now its been added to the feed alongisde our change:


You can join in the discussion about any person or any change anywhere in the DB this way.


And that's it. When the data update is next built (once a day in the early hours of the morning UK time) your changes will be included and you can download them from the main data update page


If you have any questions or need any help feel free to reach out by replying to this post 🙂

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@Footygamer how do you set someone to be a free agent? this manager has been sacked so he doesn't have a club right now (same with 

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@BramNUFC  Looks like you figured it out, but you just delete the club from the field 🙂 

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