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2 days ago

So I created a save game with FM22 111 years into the future. Here's a bunch of screenshots of what the world looks like in the year 2033.


Biggest Lower League Progression

Congratulations to Maidstone, York and Kidderminster for making the most progress from the lower leagues.

Each reached the Championship, but I haven't been able to find anyone from the Conference North/South that reached the Prem yet



Watford actually keeping a manager!

It only took 100 years but Watford actually kept faith in a manager for more than a few months!

World's largest stadiums

Record Transfer for every English Club

English Premier League Winners

German Bundesliga Winners

French Ligue 1 Winners

Italian Serie A Winners

Spanish La Liga Winners

17 years ago
2 days ago

Leave a comment with any screenshot requests and i'll do my best to supply them promptly 🙂 

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Awesome @Footygamer!


UCL/UEL and World Cup winners maybe? Would be interesting to see if SI's promise of countries being able to develop also shows up in the results 🙂


Can you show the Eredivisie stats as well?

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