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6 years ago
1 week ago

When I download the data update, it gives me two files for the editor (derby points reduction and player shirt names). Are all the updates mixed between these two files or am I missing a file from the download?



16 years ago
10 months ago

I've downloaded the latest update of Dec 4th and the Reading and Derby points deductions are in place, but the player/staff changes have not taken effect even though I was able to tick them on startup so the game should be reading them. For example, Eddie Howe not at Newcastle. 


I have 2 FMF Files like you - Derby and Reading Points, and Player Shirt Names. There's also and XML file called Changes. This is recognised in game and ticked, but when I go to the data editor it's not recognised. 


I even converted the file to an FMF file via the data editor but doesn't work.


Is there something else we need to do to enable the changes?



EDIT - I got it working. I had to verify the integrity of my game files within Steam via the properties tab. Once I'd done that then it recognised the new files.

17 years ago
6 hours ago

Yeah it sounds like you had out of date files, Eddie Howe is Newcastle Manager in FM22 and you don't need our update for that.

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