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Tim-Oliver Metz
6 years ago
1 year ago

I'm having issues with this since FM21.


  1. It's impossible to sell or offload my players, even when offering them out for free
    The only response I'm getting is that the player demands more salary than the clubs are able to pay. Strangely enough, I get the same message when I add the clause that I pay the majority of the player's salary in the offer. Also loan offers where I pay the salary and with a mandatory or non mandatory fee at the end (a low one!) aren't accepted.
  2. Only useless youth players are wanted by other clubs
    Young players who don't have a future in my team and are still in my youth teams are wanted, by numbers.
  3. Players who ask to leave the club and are given permission to do so, don't generate any offers nor are wanted
    I'm regularly getting a player who comes up to me saying he doesn't feel like he's good enough and wants to leave the club. Fine by me. Any offer is welcome. I TL him for half of his transfer value and nobody wants him. Even after being on the TL for that price for a year.

These are all players that have played a number of matches in my team, have avg ratings around 7.0, scored goals, gave assists and have no injury history. 

They don't have high wage contracts. All of them have a sub 40k salary per month. Their contracts run for two years.

Nor me or my director of football is able to sell these guys.

I have loaded these leagues in my game and am playing with a large database.

  • All Belgian divisions
  • All Dutch divisions
  • Bundesliga 1 & 2
  • Ligue 1 and 2
  • La Liga and Segunda
  • Serie A & Serie B
  • Premier League and Championship
  • Scottisch Premier League
  • Danish top league
  • Norwegian top league
  • Polish top league
  • Swiss top league
  • Austrian top league
  • Portuguese top league
  • Russian premier league
  • Ukrainian premier league
  • Greek premier league
  • Turkish top league
  • MLS
  • Mexican top league
  • Australian top league
  • Japanese top league
  • South African top league

Is anyone else having this issue? And if not: what am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

7 years ago
1 day ago

Yes…i have a similar problem. From F21 and now in FM22. I noticed the form of players and the right momentum to offer a player to other clubs are very important. For example i try to sell my rotation center for at summer but they dont give me a single offer. I try again at January but this time he plays 20 matches and he score around 14 goals with +7 rating West Bromwich comes and gives me 14,5m euros! 2-3 millions over his estimated value. 


Sorry if my english are trash 😅

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