3 years ago
18 hours ago

On every FM that gets released i always start saves unemployed with National C Badge and Regional Level (Footballer) and for some reason on FM22 i cant get a job in the Vanarama National League like i could with the older versions of FMs, sometimes lucky to get a interview in the Vanarama National League North/South. Every time i apply for a job they either just laugh at me or turn me down straight away, another thing is as well when i look at the advert for the job (E.g Barnet in the VNL) the say they want a manager that can guide them to mid table finish yet when i apply for the job i get turned down and the chairperson says they want a manager that has experience in Promotions so there's something wrong in the game that needs patching up. 


Cheers for having a read at this hope someone can look into this problem.

14 years ago
2 hours ago

you need to report to SI as you should be able to get a job 

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