Hi everyone! This is my first skin base on my personal experience of playing the game.


The skin just only base on my Mac screen 2048*1152, so maybe it has a few issue on your screen below the screen resolution. Pls feedback to me and I'll correct it in the next version.


The skin has a dark theme and I did not set the background selector cause I found it was hardly used in my game life.

There has no CAPA panel but it's no problem if you had a ingame editor and maybe I would add it in the next version by your feedbacks.


I modified some panels like the home page, player profile, non_player profile, club overview, etc., make them more clear and  simple. Hope you like it!


This is another downlink:  Mediafire   


You can download the ZIP file and unzip it into the skins folder, clear the cache and reload skin, then, enjoy your game!

2 years ago
4 months ago

Just downloaded it, looks great and very clean,

9 years ago
4 days ago

Can you please adjust the skin for PC and 1920x1080 resolution? Thank you. 

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