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Hey there, I'm Monty.

I'm new to this site so hopefully I've not missed out on any conduct by posting this here.

I'm also new to messing around with FM so it's absolutely possible I may have missed something obvious through the Editor, Windows Explorer (Windows 10 BTW) or the game itself.

I thank you all for any help in advance. It's much appreciated as I'm on the cusp of pulling my hair out after two days of this hahah
Do let me know of any other information you need because I always forget something 🙂

So, I had a go at customising the Scottish league system and creating a club via the Pre-Game Editor. Everything seems to have gone to plan after numerous tests.
Custom kits I built on FMKitCreator are loading from what I can tell, although I haven't checked to see if they load in the match engine yet.

kits loaded but badges are not

So my question is, why isn't my custom badge for my team loading?

You can see below, a few images which I've attached. Hopefully these can be of help.

graphics folder
logos folder
normal folder (small might as well be carbon copy)

A few things I have tried:
- Reloading the skins (and the two ticky boxes in preferences regarding the cache and skins)
- Clearing the cache from preferences
- Deleting the cache and skins via the Windows Explorer
- Verifying file integrity and reinstalling the game
- Renaming files, rebuilding files and crying
I can't remember absolutely everything I have done over the past few days but I have read a good few forums.

Furthermore, the images are 18x18px for small and 180x180px for normal. Lowercase .png with 32bit depth and transparency enabled.

EDIT: Just realised my config files were config.txt and not config.xml. After fixing this, I have rebooted and reloaded skins to no avail :/

my config for normal.png (the small.png config.xml has /icon in place of /logo)

FINAL EDIT: the .xml extension was infact the fix. I forgot to clear my cache after making the change.
Just gonna go be embarrassed now that this took me so long. I'm a game programmer you know hahah

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The config file looks like a TXT file, rather than an XML. Maybe if you change the TXT file to an XML, that will help.


EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see the bottom

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