Maciej Tutaj
1 year ago
1 year ago

Hi, I have a few questions about the FM editor. I am working on the editor of FM 2017 but I hope you will help.


I create the World Championship for 64 teams - 16 groups of 4 teams, then the knockout stage. I have a few questions on this as I have a couple of problems. The first thing I care about is solving the first one, others then. 


1) Match dates do not match. Especially in the third matchday, there is one match in one day, which means that you need 32 days to play the last match - sometimes a bit less, but the point is that the same group should play for one hour on one day. You can also do this so that there will be 32 matches in one day - as long as it does not drag on forever. How to do it? 


2) How to set the host tournament? Is it possible to make the host always in group A? 


3) How to make a division into baskets based on the world ranking? 


4) How to ensure that in the next phase the winning team in group A goes to the second place in group B? 


I am asking for help and thank you in advance.

7 years ago
9 hours ago

well i think you should do that thing in FM 22 maybe this will work it out


or download the FIFA Club World Cup 7 teams in FM 22

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