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Good afternoon everyone. This sunny Saturday here in Buenos Aires I want to give you a fictional, rare DB that is Giannis Infantino's wet dream. Welcome to the Continental Superleagues


The theoretical basis of this database is that the national leagues have ceased to exist and there are only these regional conglomerates that give much more money in prizes and so on. Let's start with South America whose DB has 800 playable teams. 200 Argentinean teams, 200 Brazilian teams and 50 from each of the rest play in this 8-division league system. In the first, the Superliga, there is a champion, 3 relegations and 4 promotions.


The second and third divisions have similar formats, with promotions and promotions. The idea is that all 10 countries are represented in the top division. The fourth and fifth divisions have group formats, with direct and reduced promotions (no promotions). In the sixth and seventh divisions, the "falopa" is starting to appear. Everything was measured by the reputation of the teams, with two exceptions: Cuervos de Ushuaia and Libertad de La Quiaca. Yupanqui playing in Venezuela? It can happen


In this as in all the super leagues, there is no quota for foreigners and each team produces players from its own country, that is to say, the Argentines produce Argentines, the Brazilians produce Brazilians and so on. There are many TV and victory prizes.


The Copa Libertadores is played by all the teams of the structure, in turn, each country plays its own local cup, whose champion qualifies to the Copa Sudamericana with group format, semifinals and final. All international matches are two-legged.


The base countries are: Uruguay (CONMEBOL), St. Pierre and Miquelon (CONCACAF), Liechtenstein (Europe), Zanzibar (Africa) and Micronesia (Asia-Oceania).


CONCACAF was very difficult to do because of the difference between the federations, I tried to give quotas to Central American teams but they will not last long. Its Superliga, the strange thing is that it has play-off of champions as good Mexican or Yankee.


Second and third division with direct and reduced promotion formats. A fourth division with groups and many countries just appear in the fifth division.

The sixth, or deep promotion, is where the islands are represented, which can reach the elite thanks to the prizes awarded by the competitions but it is a very difficult path. The CONCACHAMPIONS is played by absolutely all teams, while there is a cup for North America, one for Central America and the Guyanas, one for the Lesser Antilles and one for the Greater Antilles.


One of the most exciting and evenly matched Super League is the African Super League, where many countries are represented and the spirit of the competition is really captured. As in all of them, the second and third divisions have the same format as the first. There have been tweaks so that there are not too many teams from one country. All the +2000 rep teams play except in countries where there are none and then the limit is lowered so that they have representation. There are no regional groups, so it is all about mixing and traveling from one end of the continent to the other. There are a total of 8 divisions and a little more than 1000 playable teams. The eighth, which I left out, where the teams from the smaller countries play and the deep promotion. The African Champions League is played by all the teams in the structure, while the Confederation is played by the teams from the fourth division down.


Going away to Auckland, being from Tehran. Yes, it can happen in the Asia-Oceania Super League, the strongest and toughest of all. Good prize money to offset travel and a good opportunity to use a league that is not often used. I tried to have representation from all the major countries, and even tweaked Auckland to have some oceanic presence. It is the most populous structure with almost 1400 teams, in 9 divisions. The rod was the same: 2000 of reputation. A lot of Australian presence. The Asian teams play the AFC Champions League and the Oceanic teams (+ Australia) play the OFC Champions League.


And now, the main course for the end: Europe, with almost 800 teams. The idea was that the first three federations have 65 quotas, the fourth and fifth 60, from the fifth to the tenth 40, from the 10th to the 20th, they have 20 quotas. From the 21st to the 45th: 10 quotas and the 10 worst countries: 5.

A lot of TV money and prizes to distribute among GIANTS teams looking for the elite. Further down the ladder, things get a little bit slippery, everything is measured by reputation. Already in the promotion it is evened between the big teams from small countries and the small teams from big countries, the prize is for everyone and the same with the TV money.


The Champions League is played by all the teams of the structure, in addition to which the top 8 of the Superliga play the Top 8, the 4th and 5th teams play Europa League and the 6th, 7th and 8th Conference. In turn, 6 countries have their cup plus the 10 regional cups: Balkan, Benelux, British, Eastern, Imperial, Caucasus, Mediterranean, Microstates, Nordic and Baltic.



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buen trabajo, la voy a probar 

Leonardo Felipe
1 year ago
1 year ago
11 years ago
7 hours ago

¡Que buena idea tienes!


Would it be possible to also present the files in .xml format?  


The pre-game editor will not read .fmf files – it's a known bug that may have had.  I wanted to learn more about how these leagues are set up using the editor's advanced rules.


Thank you and great job!

3 years ago
1 month ago

Any known reason why Liechtenstein/Europe wouldn't show up in the game setup league options?


Other leagues loaded fine.



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