I unlock excint nation Jugoslavija(the original country).Then i make 4 tier competitions:

-Prva savezna liga(First federal league) with 18 team's.It's 2 round competition with 3 relegation places.

-two second leagues:zapad(west) an istok(east) each wit 20 club's.2 round competition.Promoted is only first team from both leagues.The third and fourth clubs from both leagues goes into playoff cup round.And there is another(third)place for first league.

-7 third and 7 fourth leagues(Slovenian,Croatian,Bosnian,Serbian,Montenegro,Kosovan and Macedonian republic leagues(tier 3 and 4).All leagues have 16 teams.

-main cup Kup Maršala TITA.There is playing first,second and third tier clubs

-Superkup Jugoslavije:Champion and cup winner

-and 7 republican cup's.Playing only 4th tier clubs

119 award's of all competitions

People's from Slovenia,Croatia,Bosnia,Montenegro,Macedonia,Serbia and Kosovo are now Jugoslav citizens.

There is another agreement:Jugoslavija.Because the old nation's are not cleared and new born citizen's from those countries are not foreigner's in Jugoslavija.

If you want all of this what i write,you must download and when you start a game tick both DB!!!

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