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2 months ago

Inspired by Nigel Clough at mansfield town. 


The challenge is to avoid playing (and training) any outfield player in a position they are natural at. They must be out of their natural position. Make it harder and say they can't be accomplished either. 


Sign the best goalkeeper you can, unless you want it even harder by including them in the rule. 


Once a player is natural at a position you have to move position or move them on. 


Another difficulty decision is how often you check the player's positions to see if they're natural or not. It could be at the start of each transfer window (you could end up with a few who are natural but you don't know untill the checking point.) or on the 1st of every month. 


Another variation that would be easy to check and that is to show a players positions and they can't play in those positions. As soon as you see their new position listed you change again. 

17 years ago
1 hour ago

I've been part of the community for 18 years and safe to say this is the most unique FM Challenge i've ever seen anyone suggest!


I definitely think you should stick to to “natural at the start of the transfer window” that makes planning alot easier especially since it will be so hard anyway.


You've got my mind racing trying to think of other crazy challenges like “Left Footed Players Only”.

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