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It's been 30 years since the first Premier League season and out of those 22 clubs that begun it all only 12 are still left in the Premier League for the 22-23 season. We're gonna look at the rest and pick five English teams to rebuild on FM23. If you'd prefer to watch a video about this just scroll to the bottom or check out the video on Youtube.


First up we've got Oldham Athletic, The Latics won promotion from the old Division Two back in 1991 and survived two seasons before being relegated in 93-94. Since then Oldham had been on a steady fall down the leagues dropping into the third tier in 1997 the fourth tier in 2018. Then last season they were relegated from League Two to become the first former Premier League side to play in the National League.


Now what this means for you is you've got a club steeped in history that are down in the doldrums right now but you can easily pull them back up. They're obviously a big side but they've dropped into the National League for a reason though so they will need a rebuild and you are the manager to do it.


Club number two is AFC Wimbledon. Now technically they weren't in the original Premier League season but the original Wimbledon side were and we like to believe AFC are the real Wimbledon. OG Wimbledon had a meteoric rise from non-league to the top flight very similar to their phoenix club. In the 80’s the crazy gang even went and won the 1988 FA Cup. The Dons were a mainstay in the first eight seasons of the Premier League before their relegation in the year 2000 and just a year later the club announced basically that it was going to only survive by relocating to Milton Keynes and be renamed MK Dons. That happened ahead of the 2004-05 season and basically MK Dons have bounced around between League One and League Two with a single season in the Championship during their short history.


But we're not on about them we're on about the phoenix club AFC Wimbledon which has seen comparatively much more success rising up from the non-league where they were formed in 2002 and in less than a decade they found themselves in League Two with five promotions in nine seasons. Last season they were relegated back into League Two for the first time in six years with the club basically seeing its first setback in its 20-year history which makes it a perfect opportunity for you to step in right now and basically get that club to the same dizzy heights the original club reached, all the way up in the Premier League. Then see if you can stay there and win more than just a solitary FA Cup.


Number three on this list is Coventry City. The Sky Blues were promoted to the top flight in 1967 their only stint in the top flight but it lasted for 34 seasons including the first nine in the Premier League. Since then the club has been on a bit of a slow slide down the league dipping into League Two for a single season but they're back on the rise now and finished the last Championship season in 12th, which is  their highest position in 16 years.


Off the pitch though the club has been in quite a bit of turmoil they've fallen into administration in 2013 and spent several seasons away from their home in Coventry, instead having to play just over a season in Northampton as well as two seasons ground sharing with Birmingham City. But now they're back at the previously named Rico Arena, now called the Coventry Building Society Arena, where they’re set to stay for the foreseeable future. So the club seem to finally be back on a little bit of a steady footing and on their rise back up the leagues and it's an opportunity for you to make that happen and get them back into the top flight for their second stint and maybe it'll last for more than 34 years this season.


Club number four on this list is the only one to ever raise the Premier League trophy, Blackburn Rovers. Now Jack Walker was the original club owner to spend big money in short order to win the Premier League. Uncle jack was a lifelong supporter of the club and owner of Walker Steel and he took over Blackburn Rovers in 1990, opened his checkbook and got Kenny Dalglish in charge. By the time the first Premier League came around they were up for the First Division playoffs and ready to take on the top flight once again. Big money signings followed and within two seasons of challenging for the title they took the title in the 94-95 season. It took Walker just five years and maybe it'll take you five years to get them back up from where they are now to the top of the Premier League.


In real life this peak was never really matched again though. Following relegation at the end of 98-99 Rovers bounced back again in 01-02 and returned to Europe and could be said to be a stable Premier League club by the time of Walker's death in 2001. But new owners came in, the Venky’s, and basically guided the club to relegation through a bit of a controversial time where Rovers left the top fight in 2012 never to return. They’ve spent most of the time since then in the Championship barring a single season in League One, where they got promoted back again straight away. The club now possess pretty much one of the best young sides in the Championship, the core of the side right now is incredibly young and Blackburn were very, very close to promotion challenge last season. They were second at Christmas but fell off towards the end and now they’re well placed to have another go in the 22-23 season and try to get back to the Premier League once again.


The final club on this list is Middlesbrough. They were a club on the brink of collapse in the mid-80s but new owners pushed them back from the third tier all the way to the top in time for  the inaugural Premier League season. Unfortunately it didn't last long as they were relegated at the first attempt and they spent the rest of the 90s as a bit of a yo-yo club before cementing a decade in the Premier League which came to an end in 2009. They've been a firm fixture in the top half of the Championship since then often being the nearly men of the division just missing out on promotion and playoff places. Over the last decade they have had one season in the Premier League that was 16/17 season. But they’ve been featuring so high for so long in the Championship everyone is expecting them to make it back soon. Middlesbrough offer a great opportunity that’s just calling for you to come and take over and get them back into the Premier League and into European football and make them the biggest club in the North East of England.

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