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10 years ago
1 month ago

I have gone back to Championship Manager 01/02 to reminisce a simpler time when the game was simple, addictive and… well, to be honest, managing West Ham and bidding on an unknown 16-year-old by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, hopefully a £450k bid will be enough… 


The game has changed so much! Anyway, I'm not a coder/programmer/mod expert, but I can learn.


I would like to create a replica of the skin CM01/02 to use in FM23. 


How would I go about this mammoth task? Where would I start? What would I need? What tools would be best for the job? Ideally, I'm after a ‘Creating a Skin 101 for Dummies’ sort of thing, instead of reading bits and pieces here and there and finding it confusing.

17 years ago
2 hours ago

Unfortunately there isn't really a guide to skinning available (I would have learnt long ago if there was!), it's all trial and error.


I have been considering trying to learn and then blogging about my efforts to learn as a way to share with others.

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