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17 years ago
1 day ago

I have a problem with the back kits showing in the pitch tactic screen. 


I use custom back kits for the teams (according to the team id) so that I see in the tactics panel the unique kit  of every team. (see photo)


the code I was using was  for example :

          <record from="olympiakos_h" to="graphics/pictures/club/981/kits/back/outfield/home/plain/kitstyle/48"/>
        <record from="olympiakos_a" to="graphics/pictures/club/981/kits/back/outfield/away/same as front/kitstyle/25"/>        
        <record from="olympiakos_t" to="graphics/pictures/club/981/kits/back/outfield/third/same as front/kitstyle/25"/>

seems that it is not loading the kits . 



Does anyone know if I must change something or what the problem is?


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