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World Cup Prediction League

The Fifa World Cup is starting in less than 3 weeks and it's going to be included in the sortitoutsi.net Prediction League.


Our Prediction League runs throughout the season letting you predict the results of Premier League matches and the prizes are all calculated monthly so if you join late or miss a month it doesn't matter, you can still join in!


With the mid season break happening this year we're including the World Cup alongside the Premier League in our prediction league. So you're going to want to join in now with the first round of Premier League fixtures this weekend to try and win the November prizes, then you'll have another chance to win in December as the World Cup comes to a close plus two rounds of Premier League fixtures over Christmas and New Years.



The overall winner will receive £150 Cash.


The highest points scorer each month will win a code for FM23 or a Surprise Shirt delivered right to their door (their choice).


How to take part?

Taking part in the Prediction League is easy, simply visit the following url once a week and quickly type in your predictions: https://sortitoutsi.net/prediction-league


Last Year's Winner

This years prizes are a massive improvement on last year's where we only offered one surprise shirt to the winner of the Prediction League. Congratulations to SASH07 who was very happy with this 2017/2018 UD Las Palmas shirt.


Fantasy League:

We also run a Fantasy Premier League competition with the same monthly prizes. You can take part here: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/taurla again it doesn't matter if you're late, the prizes are all monthly!


Winners so far:

Prediction League:

August: Noshy965

September: Aaronlinghh

October: stu9000

August: Kim Veie and their team Løpsmarka FC 

September: Saxon Durrant with Non-PL Pukki Party.

October: Vassilis Skordos with SkoTeam

9 years ago
2 days ago
2 months ago
5 days ago
1 year ago
1 hour ago

So the penalty scores are added for the ‘exact’ score? 

5 years ago
17 hours ago

Meaning draws can never be exact. We might want some clarification as i need to change my results for tomorrow 😀

4 years ago
2 hours ago

@Footygamer Is there still a way to change this? It basically means nobody will get the exact score right if a game goes to penalties

13 years ago
14 hours ago

Hi I'm not sure where to post this. I am in the prediction league and predicted Japan and Croatia too finish 1-1 which it did after 90 Minutes. I was given incorrect score as the result finished 4-2 after penalties. Surely its got to be based on 90 Minutes we are never going to guess the correct penalty shoot out??

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