3D Kits

3D Kits are special kits designed to make the match engine look even better, with the players wearing customised and improved kits on the pitch.
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3D Kits

Germany - Regionalliga Bayern 3D'2022-2023 by Gingin21 New! (13/11/22)  - UPDATE WITH COLOR FIX


See “Read Installation Instructions” below “Download” 👉👉

Enjoy 🙂




COLOR FIX - I've add a Color fix file: it's the same for all the 5 Regionalliga, so you've to download just one. 


The color fix is ​​an editor file that contains an update of the colors of the jerseys of the teams contained in the kits. This is because sometimes FM does not update the jerseys and, for examplese, if a team has a second black jersey with a white number while in reality it is white with a black number, the number will not be seen when playing the match. With the color fix this does not happen.

The file has been created for all 5 Regionalliga (North, Nordost, Bayern, Sud, Sudwest, so you only need to use one of this. It should be placed in the editor folder (You can find the folder under Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/Editor Data). 

When starting a new game  (can’t work with saved game) you must include the color fix file in the file’s selection of the editor you load to start a new game.


HERE THE COLOR FIX MEDIAFIRE LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pjoalrd295fie6g/Color_Fix.fmf/file


Attention: the file needs to be updated with each FM update



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