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Hi, just have a quick question if anybody understands how the 3 reputations interact? I started a game as England manager with Sunday-league reputation etc, just to play the World Cup and see what kind of job I could get based on how I did there. I ended up winning the WC, and while I wasn't expecting a handful of matches to put me into contention for top jobs, I did think that I might be able to get a league club somewhere to offer me a chance! But, alas no, I had an offer from an Indian club after a few months, and that's it! I've checked my manager reputation with an editor and Home and World Reputation are around the 400-500 mark while Current Reputation is at 7999, which is presumably my WC win being accounted for. On my in-game visible reputation, I am on the same half-star as I started with.  I was wondering if anybody knows if the game is working properly (I used the Realism Megapack), if unrealistically, and if I can expect my useable reputation to more rapidly increase if I serve some time in India. Otherwise, I'd have been better off winning the Indian Cup than the World Cup in terms of rep! šŸ˜›

Many thanks!

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