14 years ago
3 months ago

How do I end all the spamming “Scouting report ended” that always comes from my scout? I'm OK with the “Scout update”-list that comes once and a while, but this other shit is just too much. Can you turn it off or at least just get news about players with a certain amount of stars? I know that I can adjust in the scout center, but this doesn't seem to affect all the spamming news from my scouts?

7 years ago
5 days ago

Best thing can suggest really is taking control of the scouting your self and lower the amount of assignments you create. and when you get a message saying scout certain leagues just acknowledge them rather than pressing scout you will still have some recommendations but not as many as you have normally 

hope this helps 

13 years ago
1 month ago

Go to the scouting screen. 

Go to the scouting centre.


then you can change the settings and decide if you want scout repports in the inbox our the scouting centre. 



I'm playing as a lower league club (Deportivo, currently in la Liga2), so I have decided to only get scout reports for players a- or better. might change this to B+ though.

I have also changed the setttings so I get all news regarding expiring players in my inbox, so I don't miss if a player gets offered a new contract.

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