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I have a problem with the championship playoffs. I have one major league with 14 minor leagues. I have created championship playoffs for them but in general settings I can only select from 2-20 teams. So I pick 14 teams and playoffs are made. Then I change and add extra rounds to extend it to the 64 participating teams. The dates are set well. 

However, the problem is that the winning team and the best in the playoffs do not participate in European competitions. In addition, and the worst thing is that each match in a given round is played on a different day. For example first round is 64 teams, so 32 matches. May 1 - 13 matches. May 2 - 1 match. 3 May - 1 match etc until the end of the round. The next one goes similarly. Therefore, instead of the final on May 22, the final is on June 7. How to define it? How to set all match in round in the same day?


Please Managers help me 😢(((

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