I present to everyone my work for FM23. For those who don't know me, I've been editing since FM13 and my works have always been available only in my country, Brazil. This time, I'm posting my project to the whole community: Brasil Update.


What's in the update?

             ✔ Brasileirão Série A,B,C,D and Seletiva Série D.

             National Cup, Regional Cups and all state cups.

             ✔ Under-23, under-20 and under-17 competitions.

             ✔ All Brazilian clubs available to play. 

             ✔ Updated to 23.2.2
             ✔ The most complete Brazilian update for Football Manager.


Installation: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\editor data

12 years ago
4 days ago

thank you sir, an amazing job!

Rodrigo Souza Henriques
11 months ago
3 days ago

Why Pedro Raul is not at Vasco? 

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
1 month ago
1 week ago

Olá Adriano vc vai atualizar para o novo update do FM??

Paolo Cortes
1 year ago
15 hours ago
By Matheusss.12x 13 March 2023 - 12:13 PM UTC 

Olá Adriano vc      vai atualizar para o novo update do FM??

acho Que vai



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