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I will start off by saying i love Westerlo.

I have played for their youth team and i am delighted to be their manager.

My form started poor to put it lightly.

Poor start of season

It turned quickly with a couple of wins.

Better form with its ups and downs

I thought i would go to the final of the Belgian cup with this result but it was not meant to be.

Needless to say i was determined to end in the European play off spot.

Sadly it wasnt meant to be.

Poor form to end the season

So, lets talk Transfers.

Trying to make some money because the finances are not looking good

We are projected to fail the FFP

Throughout the season this man was my hot prospect.

He was capped as soon as i signed him

This changed once this man came through my youth academy:

New hot prospect
Other signings for u18 team
Got some affiliates done for loans
League before play offs
The european play offs
For the league

Link to my friend playing on the same save:

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