The goal with my friend Akasha was once again to offer you a skin that does not distort the original skin, but which sublimates it with the colors of the moment.
This is our 2nd skin and a V3. So don't hesitate to report bugs that we haven't seen during our multiple tests. We wanted an electric ambiance and customisable experience.



  • Modification of the player screen (Attention fixed panel)
  • Editing the Staff Screen
  • Changes to the Human Trainer screen
  • Modification of the panels of the match and summary screens
  • Modification of the tactics screen with Addition of the Faces of the players.
  • Changing the club screen
  • Added Instant Result
  • Added the "Last 11" feature in the club view. Addition of various tabs in the club section.
  • Changing Tactical Terrains
  • Harmonization of the colors of the game around blue and purple.
  • Addition of a content creators menu
  • Added FMSLife menu




Version 1.3




Version 2.0



Version 2.1




Version 2.2




Version 3.0 Ultimate




Version 3.1 Ultimate




Custom Feature
TO CHANGE COLOR SCHEME : Go in skin folder to settings folder. Inside you have a Electric Panther settings file, move it on Alternate Color Scheme folder. Go through it and choose your configuration and drag it in previous folder, reload skin
TO USE GOLDEN STARS : Open your settings file and comment L46, uncomment L48, save the file and reload skin


How to use the Electric Panther skin on FM23

Download the file. You will get a "Electric Panther - Ultimate Edition - V3.1 - Unzip it on skin folder.

This file should be moved to the following location:


: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2023 / skins


: Library / Application Support / Sport Interactive / Football Manager 2023 / skins

In the game, go to the preferences then choose the version of the theme that goes with your resolution, also don't forget to adjust the zoom or the zoom out according to your resolution.


THANKS / Credits


First thanks to bluestillidie00, Akasha, Bracodu88, Woronwe, Damn3d and AlexBenito their support, help and support in all phases of design and testing.

In this sense I would like to credit and thank the following creators who have clearly inspired me:

Special thanks to @Damn3d and @Akasha for help, bug report and inspiration.

michaelmurray (for his helpful tweaks and guides)

DF11 for the specific panel

Tracisloo - Tangfu Skin

Krysler76 - Heffem Skin

OPZ - OPZ Skin

FMEnhanced - FMESkin


@i_am_the_shark - SSD skin





bluestillidie00 - TCS (for all their help and without whom this skin wouldn't really exist)


11 months ago
4 months ago

how to change the font size, pls

16 years ago
2 weeks ago

Hi, the ‘back of the shirt’ panel on the attributes main screen doesn't show anything for me?

Micha S.
9 months ago
9 months ago

ow can I set the button "next" to flash when the next player is in turn, in online mode ?

Cesar Silva
9 years ago
5 months ago

It's giving XML error

Tonny Batala
9 months ago
1 month ago

Is there a  for a PC resolution

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