SS' Kits

We have thousands of individual FM Kit Packs, when you download these packs your copy of Football Manager will be updated with all the latest kits. Not only that but you'll have our famous SS Kits, which we think are the best Football Manager Kits around.

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  • 2024.08 - Released on 24 May 2024
SS' Kits
NEW Submission System

A new submission system for the SS Kits has been released. Please see this forum topic.

UPDATE 02.06: Updating jersey designs for Pelikan Łowicz and Warta Sieradz; some fixes in xml files.

UPDATE 02.05: Just a structure change. Now 2D and 3D kits are grouped in separate folders.


Hereby I am presenting kits for the 1st group of Polish 3rd division for the season 22/23. In order to install files properly, follow the instructions below:


  1. Extract the contents to Documents/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 2023 folder 
  2. Launch the game and click “Settings” → “Advanced” and find the section “Skin”. Untick “use caching to decrease page loading times” and tick “Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences”
  3. Confirm settings
  4. If you intend to start a new game, please remember to tick “Polish 3rd League Group 1 - Kits fix” while choosing addons. Owing to this you will avoid situations where two teams have same color jerseys during a game.

If you notice any kit unworking or find any mistake. Please write down a comment in this thread. 


All kits were created in FM Kit Creator ( and Photopea (

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