It has always annoyed me that the FA Cup semi finals are now always played at Wembley. This file harks back to yesteryear where the semi finals are played at neutral club venues. Wembley does appear sometimes but looking back through time that was also the case. I have also re-introduced replays to every round, including the final, for a bit of fun. The ties are limited to one replay. I have tinkered with the fixture dates so that the Cup Final is always played a week after the last Premier League games. Oh and of course, it's a Saturday, 3 o'clock kick off! 


Known issues:


  • On occasions the semi finals are played at the same venue for both matches.
  • Replays are always played at the same venue as the first match.
  • Wembley does appear at times, but it did do in real life anyway.
  • On rare occasions in testing the semi finals were both played on the same day. I don't know why, it may have been due to European commitments which got the match day changed. The semi finals are due to be played one on a Saturday, and the other on a Sunday.
  • I have not put geographic influences on what venues are chosen, so you would for example have a Manchester club heading to London for a semi final. But the game doesn't do too bad a job at deciding who goes where.
  • You will not be able to use this file with another 'England" file, ie a L10 database. I have added it to the L10 database that I use and it works just as this one does, but I won't add that download onto here as the main file is somebody else's work.
10 years ago
1 week ago

Can this be used with an existing save or is it new save compatible only?

\'Appy \'Ammer
16 years ago
6 hours ago
By the_hoyle86 20 April 2023 - 16:10 PM UTC 

Can this be used with an existing save or is it new save compatible only?


You'll have to start a new save @the_hoyle86 

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