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This is my first post on this forum so let me know if I don't do something well.


I'm with my FM23 save with Liverpool. I play FM since 10 years now & i'm a big fan of the counter-pressing game. I have just signed for Liverpool who finished 7th last season. I have a really strong team (the best 2 winger of the game + the best 6 and probably one of the best GK and one of the best CB of the game) and I think it might be absurd to play a counter game with such a team. So here I am having to play my first  ever Tiki Taka. I am not at all comfortable with this tactic, as I mentioned, since my debut, I like my team to play a fast game, intense pressing, with a midfield that suffocates the opponent and quick forward transitions. This is why I hope that Tiki maestro Taka is passing by and can help me (for the moment, I just took the "default Tiki Taka” offered by the game.)


Let me introduce you some of my key players  so you can understand which strategy would be best suited for these lads.


GK (one of my 2 signing of the summer)



CB (my other signing of the summer)


DM (one of the best player i've ever seen



Wingers (the reason for this post)


Ok, so the problem I have is that with the counter-pressing game, I often have less creative but more physical midfielders with two inside forwards who play on their wrong foot (right-footed on the left and left-footed on the right). BUT, here we can see that my 2 wingers are… wingers. They are both at the peak of their age and I don't think it would make too much sense to teach them to play on the other side. Both have the characteristics of running with the ball on the side and that reminds me a lot of what we can see with Guardiola's City. The wingers who stick the line, stretch the opposing block and look for the half-spaces.


I have never played with this kind of wingers but my idea would be the following:


  • Have two midfielders (8) who project forward to take advantage of the spaces created by the wingers.µ
  • If the wingers create the width, the full-backs do not need to do so. What should I do with them and what profile should I look for?
  • I would like a tactic where we bring as many people as possible in front, a risky game where I can make sure I have enough open channels between the players to be very offensive. In this sense, I think Cihan (my 6) can be very good in a anchor role. The one that stabilizes a little the “too” offensive side that I will give to the team. But at the same time... 18 in vision, isn't he a playmaker ??
  • Tiki Taka rhymes with short game right ? But isn't playing short when you want to stretch the game as much as possible a bit contradictory?


I don't really have bad results but I feel that my game is not stable and that I will be able to take better advantage of the players that I have (because I don't think I can find such a team so easily)


Thank you ! 

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Hey Mbr11,

I know it has been a while since your post, so not sure if an answer is still relevant, but I just happened to stumble on this now.

I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but have been trying to play a TikiTaka formation for many years on FM now (not really with the best results though).

If you kept your wingers wide as “Wingers”, then the wingbacks coud be inverted wingbacks, to have a 3-2 or 2-3 base with the DM.  The central midfielders could probably then be Mezzalas to fill the half spaces, a bit similar to Postecoglu's tactics, as well as Peps.

I also just wanted to say that you don't need to play Tiki Taka at all if you don't want to, the Geggenpressing transitional style you prefer would work just fine with those wingers (I think when you have technical, not very athletic midfielders is when being forced into possession may be a problem)

Not sure how much help that was, but hope you're enjoying your game.

Best wishes,


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