Embark on a Mythical Football Odyssey: Welcome to Atlantia!

Embark on a footballing odyssey like never before as you dive into the mythical realm of Atlantia, the long-lost ancient state thought to be submerged beneath the waves. But fear not, for Atlantia has risen again, not as a sunken city, but as a footballing powerhouse in Football Manager 24! In a revelation that could rewrite history, the long-lost ancient state has been discovered off the African coast in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. Rising from the depths, this mythical realm has been reborn as the fictitious UEFA member state known as 'Atlantia.' A footballing utopia, Atlantia encompasses the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, and Cape Verde.


A Footballing Saga Unveiled: League Structures and Competitions

Atlantia isn't just a name; it's a footballing empire with a complete infrastructure. Dive into a meticulously crafted world that includes national teams, a league system cascading down to the 4th level, regional divisions, and a host of cups. The Primera Liga, featuring 14 teams, transforms into a gripping championship and relegation group after 26 games. Explore the dynamic Segunda Liga split between the northern Azores and Madeira and the southern Canary Islands and Cape Verde.

For the purists, the Divisiones Regionales present four groups of 14-20 teams each, with promotions and relegations adding an extra layer of excitement. Youth football thrives with own under-18 and participation in Spanish and Portuguese under-19 leagues (for the latter, at least one league must be active in the respective country), providing a breeding ground for future stars.


Crowning Glory: Campeonato Atlantico and Supercopa Atlantico

The footballing spectacle doesn't end there. The Campeonato Atlantico, a grand cup featuring 128 teams, offers a chance for underdogs to etch their names in Atlantian history. The Supercopa Atlantico pits the league against the cup champion, adding a as usual more or less thrilling dimension to the competition.


Homegrown Heroes and Dual Nationality: The Atlantian Identity

Atlantian football is about more than just matches; it's about identity. All players, born on the islands or holding Cape Verdean nationality, contribute to the unique fabric of Atlantian soccer. The dual nationality of players and regens adds a layer of authenticity, creating a diverse tapestry of names and origins.


Beyond the Pitch: The Atlantian Experience

As the manager of Atlantia, you'll navigate through linguistic quirks, blending Spanish and Portuguese influences in competition and award names. The database also replaces Andorra with 'Atlántia' in Spanish or 'Antlântia' in Portuguese, adding an extra layer of immersion.


A Footballing Utopia for Everyone: Inclusivity and Inspiration

The Atlantia database, initially a personal project, has now been generously shared with the FM community. Foreigner restrictions in the league rules aim to promote homegrown talent, reflecting a commitment to my build-a-nation save without political undertones. To further enhance the experience there are two groups of nations which are not considered as foreign: the Ultramar Portugues and Ultramar Espanola groups exempt Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries, echoing the historical ties of former colonies. 


Acknowledgments and Community Collaboration

A project of this magnitude doesn't come to life without inspiration. A heartfelt thanks to @Hadrian35, whose work on the Malta file SYC is playing on at Twitch and Youtube served as a guiding light. The database incorporates his ingenious pricing and TV money settings, loan and professionalism rules, creating a seamless and immersive footballing experience.

To enhance your visual journey, the Atlantia flag, kits, and logos are sourced from the creative minds at @sebby130218 and @sortitoutsi FM24 essentials. Competition logos, crafted by AI, add the finishing touches to this footballing utopia. In the screenshots I used the @SAS24.Nov skin


Join the Atlantian Adventure Today!

Whether you're a seasoned Football Manager veteran or a newcomer to the game, Atlantia offers a footballing journey like no other. Download the database, immerse yourself in the mythical realm, and shape the destiny of Atlantian football. For installation support, modding queries, or bug reports, the community welcomes you.

Atlantia awaits—where legends are forged, mysteries unravel, and footballing utopia becomes a reality!



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funny! where can i take the graphic?


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