Hungarian division I-II with 20 teams, randomly selected the teams with funny names. All become professional because AI just terrible to handle semi-pro and amatour teams for some reason. They even got some transfer money but they wont use it anyway because the AI just cant sign and build a team...

Rules also changed: now you can only have maximum 6 foreign player in the 11 player on the field. Originally for some unknow reason all africans and even israeli players count as "non-foreign". I deleted all of them. In the new rules non-foregins are only countries which were part of Hungary before 1919. And Iran, Türk etc, because, you know, Kipcsák and stuff 😉 The prize moneys - mostly - match with the official prize moneys, so have fun!

(Btw for some reason never mind how many times I tell the editor the cup finals are in the Puskás Arena, it says fine, its settled, yet in the game still have home and away cup finals. Its just makes me mad because on paper everything works as it should be but for some unknow reason the game just ignores the settings...)

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