I created a Football club from Luxembourg but placed them in the Dutch 2nd division. Flavio Becca (the rich Luxembourg businessman) owns the club. The team consists of the best luxembourg players from the Luxembourg semi-professional competition and plays in the Luxembourg national stadium. The travel costs are very low because of the small distance between Luxembourg and the city's in The Netherlands. Bring up the level of football from Luxembourg!

All players have semi-professional contract and you have the lowest loan costst of the Dutch 2nd competion. Your challenge is to bring this club with only Luxembourg players ( I hard coded this with the Bermuda Hogges style) to be a permanent top 5 Dutch club wihtin 5 years. The top 4 clubs in Luxembourg are your feeder clubs, The players can move freely to your club, so let them work for you!


Let me know your results! 🙂



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