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15 years ago
1 day ago
The “Champions League skin” is now back with a version adapted for FM 2014.

This is version 1.0 and I just finished it yesterday.

I didn't release my version for FM 2013 as I wanted to create a sidebar version, but that was unfortunately impossible.
The versions for FM 2011 and FM 2012 were mostly based on the classic Steklo X1 skin for FM 2011 made by Tom Dixon. The original header is still used in this version, but it looks very different now in FM 2014.

I added custom graphics as well as "Extended Information Panels” which I got to work with this skin. Adjustment of many standard panels were made, which resulted in bigger player pictures, mostly 180x180 size, bigger pitch in tactics screens and logo's.

MASSIVE recognition goes to "Bergkamp" from His creative work with panels is amazing and almost every skin that is released uses panels created by him.
In this skin I also implemented some graphics effects and panels from "Flut" for which I want to give recognition, especially the "ticket" in the match preview screen caught my eye and I think it makes the skin look even better.

I have included alternative personal profile panels created by Bergkamp.

The panels included in the skin are the one with Kevin Strootman.
If you prefer the Daniele de Rossi panels, unpack the file "alt. player profile panels.7z" in the "panels" folder and overwrite existing files when prompted.
After reloading the skin you will have changed the player profile panels.

This is a dark skin, optimized for high(er) resolutions, my computer has a resolution of 1920x1080. If you have run with a lower resolution some graphics like the "titlebar scoreboard" and "match in between highlights" might become too big.
I have included smaller versions of these graphical elements in the "panels" folder and named them "match titlebar.xml.small" and "match in between highlight panel.xml.small" so you can replace the original files with these when needed.
Navigate to the “cl2014\panels” folder, delete the original files and rename the "small" files by deleting ".small" from the name and reload the skin.

ATTENTION: There is also an alternative "footer.xml" available in the "......skins/cl2014/panels" folder.
Included in the skin is a "real" footer, as a sort of "retro" effect. The color changes with the color of the header and it adds something unique to the skin.
However, this element removes the "commentary bar" from the match screen. Again; this is a matter of preference, some users feel the commentary bar is annoying and takes away from a "real match experience", if this is you than all is good, no action required.
When you prefer to get the commentary bar in matches back, replace "footer.xml" in the panels folder of the skin with the original file, now named "footer.xml.alt".
After removing the file rename the "alt" file to "footer.xml" and reload the skin again.

Future versions will include:
a) an alternative full screen scoreboard
b) more 180x180 player faces in screens
c) an opacity/background selector
d) bug fixes (if any) and adjustments based on feedback from users

*****Please don't redistribute without my permission, either in original form or in a "tweaked" or "enhanced" version******

Installation instructions:
Extract the 7z file in x:\users\(your name)\My documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\skins\
If you don't have a "skins" folder you need to create one.
When you extract the 7z file it will automatically create a cl2014" folder, which contains the skin.
Make sure you untick "use skin cache" and reload the skin. Alternatively you can restart the game with "skin cache" unticked. This way not only the skin but also the included alternative graphics will be loaded correctly.
If you like to use a different background, copy your favorite background picture to the folder: ".......\skins\cl2014\graphics\backgrounds".
Rename the picture to "default.jpg" and reload the skin.
Some people don't like the Jose Mourinho picture on the "intro screen", you either "love" or "hate" the guy......LOL
If you want to replace it, I have added a file in the folder ".......\skins\cl2014\graphics\main menu" called "manager.png.alt" You can delete the "manager.png" and either delete it or replace it with the alternative picture.

Feedback is appreciated as always!


CL 2014 skin 1.0 :

Alternative panels, will look the same as “De Rossi” panels:

13 years ago
1 week ago
Can any 1 help me I'm trying to get these panels there from this skin but dont know how to get them

I've put red circle around them

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