Football Manager 2015

Football Manager 2015 is set to be released in November 2015 and this is the number one place to find out about all the features and release date information. We will be posting up all the new Football Manager 2015 Features right here as soon as they are announced so keep checking back for all the latest FM2015 News. We'll also have all the latest Screenshtos and Videos to help you get to grips with what's new in Football Manager 2015.

Football Manager 2015 Real Name and German National Team Fix

The sortitoutsi real names fix changes the instances of fake names in Football Manager 15 to the proper, real life names for awards, cities, stadiums and competitions, in cases where the actual name is not licensed. It will also fix the fact that the German National team doesn't call up real players. These are fully save-game compatible.

Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids

Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids are young players with high potential ability that are likely to become big stars in the future. Here you will find a list of the best young players in Football Manager 2015.

Football Manager 2015 New Leagues Megapack

This FM2015 Leagues Megapack updates Football Manager 2015 to include 71 leagues that are not in the default version of the game. With this update you can play in every single league in Europe and South America as well as the biggest countries from Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania.

Football Manager 2015 Player Faces

FM Player Faces appear in the player profile screen and some news items. Download our collections of Football Manager Facepacks to Update Football Manager with thousands of new Football Manager Player Faces.

Football Manager 2015 Kits

Download a range of Football Manager Kits, to update your team and match screens in Football Manager with the latest and most up to date football kits available. Our Football Manager Kit Packs contain thousands of FM Kits and are updated regularly so keep checking back for the latest Football Manager Kits.

Football Manager 2015 Logo Megapacks

Football Manager Logos are one of the most popular types of FM Graphics available. Club Logos, Competition Logos, Nation Logos and Team Logos are all available from our FM Logos section. Download our Logopacks to update Football Manager with thousands of Football Manager Logos. Our FM Logo Megapacks also contain all the Football Manager Flags you need.

Redesigned User Interface

The interface for Football Manager has been completely redesigned and features a new responsive sidebar, making some of the previously hidden areas of the game available in just a few clicks.

Player Promises Page

You can easily view all the promises you've made to your players, fellow managers or the board in the brand new promises page. Now there's no excuse for forgetting you promised to give that kid a run in the first team!

Managerial Style

When you start a new game you'll now have the option to choose what style of manager you want to be. Whether you'll be a tracksuit manager on the training ground or a more distant tactical manager. You can also set your mental and coaching attributes as well as what coaching badges you hold.

Coaching Badges

As a manager you can now take time out to train for your coaches badges. These will increase your coaching and mental attributes allowing you to get the most of your players and ensuring you have the respect of the players, fans and owners. However choose when to take your badges wisely since dividing your time could have a negative influence on your team.

Most significant improvements to the 3D Match Engine since FM2009

The Football Manager 2015 Match Engine has been given its biggest overhaul since FM2009 with new new cutting edge motion capture data enabling the game to accurately reflect real player movements. There have also been improvements to the stadiums and weather in FM2015, players will look wetter when its raining and more reflective in the sun, while stadiums will feature team specific colours and banners.

Touchline Team Talks in FM2015

FM2015 introduces Touchline Team Talks which allow you to talk to your squad during the game, you can shout encouragement or abuse at the entire team, or specific individuals, just as you would during pre match, half time or full time team talks.

New default tactics and improved tactics from AI managers

There are more default tactics than ever, so you'll never be short of a tactic to choose from and the AI will be more varied in the tactics they put out against your side. AI managers will now utilise their tactics more effectively than before, including incorporating player roles more intelligently into their tactics, and they’ll also have preferred roles that they’ll integrate into their tactics system.

Four new player roles

Football Manager 2015 sees the introduction of four new player roles a Roaming Playmaker, who splits his duties between both a Deeplying Playmaker and an Advanced Playmaker. The second new role is a Raumdeuter, who is a sort of wide poacher, who stays out wide during the build up play before entering the mix late on in an attack. The third role is an Inverted Wingback who will tend to drift inside alot more than a regular wingback. Finally there is the new Wide Playmaker role suitable for wide men who want to drift inside more than a conventional winger.

New Player Preferred Moves

FM2015 introduces new Player Preferred Moves. There is a new 'penalty box player' PPM suitable for those players who like to do their work in the box rather than dropping wide or deep. There is also a 'refrains from shooting from distance' for those players who like to look for a killer pass or work the ball into the box instead of having a crack. For goalkeepers there is a new ‘likes to throw the ball long to start counter attacks’ perfect for those sides who want to push straight on the attack from a defensive position.

Scouting Improvements

Scouting has been improved to be better integrated into the player search functionality, becoming a central place to find new players. There are also new ways to search for players, such as instructing your scouts to search for a replacement for a particular player. Scouts will also get in touch more regularly to offer their thoughts on an assignment, or suggest new assignments. You can also scout players over a long time frame, such as 3 months if you're preparing for the next transfer window, or waiting until a players contract runs down. Scout reports also include a new 'Pros and Cons' section, making it easier than ever to get a quick overview of player from your scout.

Improved Fog of War

Fog of War is an option you have when starting a new game which makes attributes of non scouted players hidden. However in FM2015 this has been revamped so that players you don't know much about have a range of attributes such as 12-16 and you'll have to scout them more and with better scouts to see exactly what the players rating is for that particular attribute.

Improved Search

The new interface comes with an improved search which works similarly to modern web browsers. Simply start typing and a list of suggestions will drop down depending on what you've typed. The search will now be faster and more intelligent allowing you to very quickly get around the game.

Improved Player Search

There are new options when searching for players in FM2015. You can now search only for those players who have been scouted making it easier to compare scouted players against each other. FM15 also boasts new ways to filter your search such as searching for players who are unhappy at their current clubs or searching for players who count towards your home grown quota.

Improved Player Interactions

The different ways in which you can interact with your players has been massively expanded in FM2015. You can even ask players to talk to the media or to look for a new club themselves if you're having problems selling them. FM15 also brings the ability to talk to a group of players about the same issue, not all issues require a full team talk, but if 5 or so players are concerned about the same thing you can now get them together to talk as a group rather than dealing with each one individually. Players will also ally with each other or against each other, so players may choose to stand up for their coach in discussions with troublesome players.

Media Improvements in FM2015

FM2015 sees the journalists split into two distinct groups; tabloid and broadsheet. This will provide a greater mix of media interaction, styles and personalities within the media. Tabloids will be looking for their next big headline while broadsheets will be looking for a more tactical analysis. Brand new in Football Manager are tunnel interviews and training ground interviews. Just like in real life you may be called on to answer questions at any time.

Improvements to Finances

Finances have been improved in FM2015 to give you a better idea of the money going in and out of your club and whether or not you're meeting your targets. It's now easier to plan for the following season as transfer and wage budgets are set earlier in the year and take into consideration future transfers and players that will be leaving when their contract expires, thus freeing up part of your wage budget when searching for a replacement.

Manager History

You will now be able to get a better understand of not only your own managerial history, but the history of past and rival managers as well. When you join a club you will now be able to compare yourself to how past managers have done as well as get an insight into how the board tend to react to things like bad form. The improvements will allow you to track all the finest moments and results from your career, as well as those few embarrassing moments, such as the humiliating defeat to a lower league side.

Better Job Interviews

Job interviews have been expanded following their introduced in FM2014. You will now be asked more specific questions about whether you can make the step up (when applying to a larger club), or why you didn't spend very long at one of your previous clubs. Your track record in the transfer market will also come under scrutiny. You'll have to answer these questions very carefully if you're going to get the job.

Changes to training

Training has been expanded in FM2015. You can now ask a player to train for a specific mentality rather than just a player role. Amateur and semi-professional training is now more realistic, taking into consideration the shorter amount of time staff get to spend with players. Coaches also have new personalities and styles of coaching, that makes each individual coach unique. What's more, if you choose to be a tracksuit manager you will now be hands on, on the training ground yourself and the attributes you develop will directly influence your star rating as a coach.


For years Football Manager has used the advertising hoardings within the game to promote a number of important charities. Now they have gone a step further and introduced Movember. Each November the generated faces of regens will begin growing mustaches which gradually develop over the course of the month.

Twitch TV Integration

Football Manager 2015 features brand new integration. Meaning it's easier to make and share videos of your game, including live streaming.

Voice chat and video

It has been confirmed that a later patch for Football Manager 2015 will introduce voice and video chat, so you can keep in touch with friends will playing your game.

Over 600,000 players and staff

Football Manager 2015 has the biggest database EVER with over 600,000 players and staff.