Football Manager 2016

Football Manager 2016 is set to be released on November 13th. This is the number one place to find out about all the features and release date information. We will be posting up all the new Football Manager 2016 Features right here as soon as they are announced so keep checking back for all the latest FM2016 News. We'll also have all the latest Screenshots and Videos to help you get to grips with what's new in Football Manager 2016.

Football Manager is the most realistic, in-depth and immersive football management simulation available – it’s the closest thing to doing the job for real. Taking control of any squad from more than 50 countries across the world, you decide who plays and who sits on the bench, deal with the media and solve player problems. You're in total control of tactics, team-talks, substitutions and pitch-side instructions as you follow the match live with the acclaimed 3D match engine. Package includes Football Manager Touch for PC, Mac and Linux and network multiplayer options.

Football Manager 2016 Real Name and German National Team Fix

The sortitoutsi real names fix changes the instances of fake names in Football Manager 16 to the proper, real life names for awards, cities, stadiums and competitions, in cases where the actual name is not licensed. It will also fix the fact that the German National team doesn't call up real players. These are fully save-game compatible.

Football Manager 2016 Wonderkids

Football Manager 2016 Wonderkids are young players with high potential ability that are likely to become big stars in the future. Here you will find a list of the best young players in Football Manager 2016.

Football Manager 2016 League Expansions

This Football Manager 2016 leagues expansion pack will add loads of new playable leagues to FM2016. You can start your career in England right the way down to amateur levels or start in a completely new previously unplayable country. The only way to truly go from the bottom to the top in FM16

Football Manager 2016 New Leagues and Nations

This Football Manager 2016 new leagues and nations pack will close to 100 new playable leagues and nations not included in the original release of Football Manager 2016. With as accurate as possible league rules and competition formats. Unlike the league expansion packs, this doesn't extend nations with lower leagues, it adds completely the leagues of nations which didn't previously exist.

Football Manager 2016 Player Faces

FM Player Faces appear in the player profile screen and some news items. Download our collections of Football Manager Facepacks to Update Football Manager with thousands of new Football Manager Player Faces.

Football Manager 2016 Kits

Download a range of Football Manager Kits, to update your team and match screens in Football Manager with the latest and most up to date football kits available. Our Football Manager Kit Packs contain thousands of FM Kits and are updated regularly so keep checking back for the latest Football Manager Kits.

Football Manager 2016 Logo Megapacks

Football Manager Logos are one of the most popular types of FM Graphics available. Club Logos, Competition Logos, Nation Logos and Team Logos are all available from our FM Logos section. Download our Logopacks to update Football Manager with thousands of Football Manager Logos. Our FM Logo Megapacks also contain all the Football Manager Flags you need.

Football Manager 2016 Instant Result Button

This Football Manager 2016 Graphic Add On adds an instant result button to FM2016, allowing you to skip a match and have the assistant manage your team. The clues in the name, just hit the button and the match will be over and the result shown to you instantly.

Football Manager 2016 Flut Skin

This Football Manager 2016 Flut Skin is one of the first new skins released for FM2016. It's a nice bluey skin and includes stadium backgrounds.

Dynamic Rivalries

When FM2016 is released later this year your rivalries with other clubs will progress over the years. Has your Stockport County side been battling Barnet for the premier league title for the past decade? Those fixtures will now have the added spice of other non-local rivalries, but instead of Roy Keane squaring up against Patrick Vieira or Martin Keown jumping all over Van Nistelrooy it'll be your silky teenage playmaker whose being kicked off the park by Barnet's big bruising defensive midfielder or your homegrown captain letting the passion get to him and seeing red in the 86th, all while the fans cry out for more blood.

All new FM Touch

FM Classic‬ has been replaced by FM Touch‬, a new version of the game optimised for touch screen monitors and high end tablets. FM Touch features cross play, meaning you can play the same game on your pc or mac and continue playing on your tablet for maximum FM flexibility.

More streamlined player transfer and contract screens

FM2016‬ features a more streamlined player transfer screen, including more details on how a transfer will affect your budget over future seasons when using additional instalments and clauses.

Prozone match analysis

With the help of prozone ‪Football Manager 2016 will feature deeper match analysis and player and team stats.

Create a club mode

Football Manager 2016 includes a brand new create a club mode, letting you replace an existing team with a brand new team of your making, including the name, colours, logos, stadium, facilities, rivalries the lot.

Network draft mode

FM16 comes with an all new fantasy draft mode exclusive for network games with your friends, allowing you to pit your managerial skills against your mates once and for all.

New and improved set piece controls

Football Manager 2016 will feature all new set piece controls, giving you even deeper control over how your players play out free kicks and corners.

Over 2000 new animations in the Match Engine

The match engine in Football Manager 2016 will feature over 2000 new animations for the most realistic match day experience ever.

New highlights package

FM16 features a new highlights package giving you a new way to check out your sides performance.

Player Insurance

Player Insurance will be included in Football Manager 2016 meaning that should your player get injured for a longtime his wages will be covered by insurance, giving you the financial freedom to bring in a short term replacement.

Players return for former teammates testimonials

Just like in real life, players will return to play for a former team when a former teammate has a testimonial in FM2016. Just like when Wayne Rooney returned to play for Everton in Duncan Ferguson's testimonial.

Work Permits

Football Manager 2016 will feature more options and more in depth advice when a player fails to gain a work permit, so you can have a better idea on whether or not he'll be able to get a work permit in the future.

Earlier Player Retirements

In Football Manager 2016 more players will retire in their prime at top clubs rather than agreeing to slip down the leagues or rot in the reserves.

Assistant Manager Best XI

When switching between different formations, you can quickly see your assistants advice on the best 11 for that formation or particular player roles, rather than spending ages dragging and dropping each player yourself just to see if you've got the depth for a particular formation.

Player Birthdays

In Football Manager 2016 you'll now get commentary related to players and managers birthdays.

Improved handling of unhappy players

In Football Manager 2016 AI Managers (managers controlled by the computer) will be better at handling unhappy players.

Private chat about a new job

When you're approached by another club in Football Manager 2016 you can now have a private chat with your staff and players about the possible move. "Fancy coming with me?" #cheeky

Scouts will tell you how marketable a player is

In Footballl Manager 2016 your scout report will indicate how marketable a potential signing may be, so you can judge the value of a transfer by how much merchandising revenue he will bring to the club in the future

Player Condition Bar on the pitch

FM16 will include the option to have a player condition bar appear above the head of players when watching a match

Transfer Window Recommendations

In Football Manager 2016 your Chief Scout/Director of Football will recommend potential new signings at the start of each transfer window

Staff Revamp

Staff management has had an overhaul this year. When a non-player isn't interested in joining your club he'll now tell you why. Staff can now have dual roles, great for smaller sides on a low budget and you now have the ability to create staff shortlists, the same as you have for players.

Injury Release Clause

FM2016 will include an all new Injury Release Clause, meaning that you can release a player from his contract should he suffer a long term injury or career threatening injury.

Director of football, full selling ability

In FM16 you can give your Director of Football full responsibility over who to sell from your club.

Resignation/Sacking Interview

Football Manager 2016 will feature more in depth interviews when you resign or are sacked from a club

Improved competition confidence

Before crucial must win matches you'll now get more specific confidence feedback from the board and your fans

Physio feedback before singing

You'll now get more feedback from your physio on how a players medical went before signing them

Bring your staff to your new job

You can now bring your new staff with you when you take over a new club in FM2016

B team player roles

If you're playing in a nation with B teams, you can now give more instructions to your B team about what role players should be played in to prepare them for the first team

Player Injury Info during a match

In FM2016 you'll now get more specific info on what injury your player might be carrying during a match

Form in league table

Leagues tables in FM16 will now show you a teams form over the past 5 matches

Change of role performance analysis

In FM16 your director of football will now use performance analysis to suggest a change of role for a player, based on his previous performances.