FM17 Essentials - Essential Add Ons for Football Manager 2017

Check out our Essential Content for Football Manager 2017. It includes everything from FM17 Facepacks, FM17 Logopacks, FM17 Kitpacks, FM17 Backgrounds, FM17 Skins, FM17 Wonderkids, FM17 Tactics, FM17 Save Ideas and more.

Football Manager Data Update

Our Live Football Manager Data Update is the biggest and most unique Transfer Update giving you all the latest squads for Football Manager.

Football Manager 2017 Real Name and German National Team Fix

The sortitoutsi real names fix changes the instances of fake names in Football Manager 17 to the proper, real life names for awards, cities, stadiums and competitions, in cases where the actual name is not licensed. It will also fix the fact that the German National team doesn't call up real players. These are fully save-game compatible.

Football Manager 2017 Player Faces

FM Player Faces appear in the player profile screen and some news items. Download our collections of Football Manager 2017 Facepacks to Update Football Manager 2017 with thousands of new Football Manager 2017 Player Faces.

Football Manager 2017 Kits

Download a range of Football Manager Kits, to update your team and match screens in Football Manager with the latest and most up to date football kits available. Our Football Manager Kit Packs contain thousands of FM Kits and are updated regularly so keep checking back for the latest Football Manager Kits.

Football Manager 2017 Logo Megapacks

Football Manager Logos are one of the most popular types of FM Graphics available. Club Logos, Competition Logos, Nation Logos and Team Logos are all available from our FM Logos section. Download our Logopacks to update Football Manager with thousands of Football Manager Logos. Our FM Logo Megapacks also contain all the Football Manager Flags you need.

Football Manager 2017 New Leagues and Nations

This Football Manager 2017 new leagues and nations pack will add tons of new playable leagues and nations not included in the original release of Football Manager 2017. With as accurate as possible league rules and competition formats. Unlike the league expansion packs, this doesn't extend nations with lower leagues, it adds completely the leagues of nations which didn't previously exist.

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids are young players with the potential to become super stars in FM2017. Our complete list of wonderkids is the ultimate scouting tool for finding that hidden gem in Football Manager 2017.