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Albacete are a team in Football Manager 2017. Albacete play in the Spanish Second Division B2 in Spain in FM 17. Albacete are a playable team in FM2017.

Spanish Second Division B2
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Albacete Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Albacete will be Average

Albacete Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Albacete in Football Manager 2017?

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Albacete Players in FM17

All Albacete Players in Football Manager 2017
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Álvaro Arroyo 27 D/WB R £3k £657k £318k 29-06-2018
Dani Rodríguez 28 AM RLC £3k £749k £363k 29-06-2018
Rafa Gálvez 23 D C, DM £3k £643k £310k 29-06-2018
Mickaël Gaffoor 29 D C £3k £335k £160k 29-06-2017
Josan Ferrández 26 AM RL £3k £381k £181k 29-06-2017
Eloy Gila 28 AM RL, ST £3k £593k £281k 29-06-2018
Aridane 29 AM/F C £3k £482k £227k 29-06-2018
Tomeu Nadal 27 GK £2k £247k £116k 29-06-2017
Iván Sánchez 23 AM RLC £3k £676k £946k 30-06-2017
Fran Carnicer 25 DM £3k £448k £208k 29-06-2018
Isaac Aketxe 27 AM LC, F C £2k £315k £24k 29-06-2017
Carlos Delgado 26 D LC £2k £401k £185k 29-06-2018
Héctor 20 AM R, ST £4k £423k £881k 30-06-2017
Diego Manzano 29 D/AM L £1k £158k £11k 29-06-2018
Marc Rovirola 23 D C, DM £2k £165k £100k 29-06-2017
Mode 22 D/WB/M R £2k £109k £94k 29-06-2017
Adri Gómez 22 D C, DM £1k £143k £119k 29-06-2018
José Fran 24 AM L £1k £130k £42k 29-06-2018
Sergio Molina 20 DM £1k £124k £164k 29-06-2019
Cristian Galas 23 D LC £680 £47k £25k 29-06-2017
Héctor Pizana 21 GK £390 £34k £35k 29-06-2017
Dinarte Pita 19 D/WB L £200 £30k £45k 31-12-2018
Nete 24 D/WB/AM R £310 £40k £12k 29-06-2017
Jesús Cabañas 19 AM L £250 £39k £57k 29-06-2017
Víctor Arribas 20 D L £210 £27k £33k 29-06-2017
Germán Collado 21 D/WB/M R £240 £27k £27k 29-06-2017
Chete 21 D RC £190 £27k £26k 29-06-2017
Kemil Festic 19 ST £290 £32k £45k 29-06-2017
Borja Íñíguez 20 AM R £280 £32k £38k 29-06-2017
Lado 20 M C £220 £29k £35k 29-06-2017
Ángel Llodrá 18 D LC £60 £27k £45k 29-06-2018
Hugo Eyre 22 GK £140 £18k £14k 29-06-2017
Carlos Huertas 20 AM L, ST £240 £22k £26k 29-06-2017
Francis Roldán 18 AM LC £60 £22k £36k 29-06-2018
Alberto Ropero 19 GK £60 £16k £22k 29-06-2017
José Daniel Cuenca 18 GK £100 £12k £18k 29-06-2017
Álvaro Viña 20 ST £110 £13k £14k 29-06-2017
Ibra 19 AM R £30 £12k £15k 29-06-2017

Albacete Loaned Out Players in FM17

Players out on loan from Albacete in Football Manager 2017
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Eneko Eizmendi 26 AM RLC £2k £271k £126k 30-06-2017
Jona 27 ST £4k £1m £518k 30-06-2017
Manu Miquel 21 DM, AM C £740 £115k £125k 30-06-2017

Albacete Staff in FM17

Albacete Staff in Football Manager 2017